Arron Speaking at the Portland Youth Conference

Arron Speaking at the Portland Youth Conference

I love to communicate the gospel through writing and through speaking!

In the past 20 years, I have spoken before hundreds of thousands of people all over America, both youth and adults.

I’ve been the keynote speaker at national conferences, state and national conventions for adults and youth, camps, and colleges and universities including CIY Move, Summer in the Son at Kentucky Christian University, Nationwide Youth Roundup, Milligan College, Florida Christian College, and State Conventions for Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and many more.

Speaking Endorsements:

“It was an honor to have Arron Chambers at Summer In The Son. His captivating, high energy speaking style connected great with the students. I was also blown away by his self-initiated involvement with the ministry even off the stage.”–Director, Summer in the Son

“I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Arron Chambers a few times and I’m constantly amazed at how he captures the attention of everyone in the room from the very start.  He’s one of the few speakers I’ll actually sit in the audience and listen to no matter how good the food is in the green room!”-Comedian Bob Smiley

“Arron has been speaking for Christ in Youth for many now.  Arron brings energy to our nightly worship time that is unbelievable.  His willingness to open his heart and life to 1,000’s of teens every summer helps make what we do at Christ In Youth much easier.  Arron will certainly make you pay attention – his energy on stage will blow you and your teens away.  He’ll bring the word with fire and passion.  You will not get a chance to rest with him on the stage and you’d better have your Bible’s ready.  We wouldn’t think of doing Conference without Arron.”–Robin Sigars, Associate Director of Programs, Christ in Youth.

“Recently, Arron spoke at our retreat, and it was refreshing. Arron’s use of Scripture, story and some humorous personal experiences brought an encouraging yet extremely challenging message. It’s rare to find a man with such passion for Kingdom work and practical advise of how to get it done. I’ve always been a bit leery of author, speaker know-it-alls telling me how to be successful like the are. Not the case with Arron. He’s humble, appreciative of how he is being used and has a contagious holiness, creatively communicated. I recommend Arron to anyone looking for a powerful speaker /motivator of kingdom work, educator of Biblical ways and experienced advisor on martial issues. We went home equipped with lots of practical advice clothed in memorable stories. Arron not only spoke but genuinely became part of us (and seemingly our ministries) so that we could grow together.”–Tim Johnson president Kentucky Minister’s Retreat 2013

“We were privileged to have Arron Chambers as our keynote speaker at Winter White Wash 2013.  Arron spoke the Word of God boldly to over 350 Jr./Sr. High students and sponsors.  He spoke with passion and enthusiasm that kept the attention of the crowd and allowed for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of those listening.  Several of my students asked if he could speak at our next event.”–Charles Gwynn – Teen/Music Minister – Central Church of Christ – Gering, Ne.

Some of my favorite speaking topics:

Countless Issues Facing Young People & Students








Theology–I hold a MA in Church History and Theology from Abilene Christian University

Marriage and Family–I am a marriage coach who has personally worked with 500+ couples in the past 15 years and holds Marriage and Family seminars several times a year.

And, I can speak on almost any topic related to Church, Ministry, Young People, and Feline care. 🙂

Speaking Samples:

Eats with Sinners: Seminar from Cale J. Rogers on Vimeo.

7-15-12 Guest Speaker – Aaron Chambers from Mosaic Church on Vimeo.


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    Yes to voice of God and be hearing wonderful sermon in anointed blessing and be self used of the lord are my love and vision and prayer with joy and to heal and be saving people from the fire of hell in that last and let the lord awake up more pastorer who wil preach and gather the peoples to find Christ in the Holy Spirits power,thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden

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