Arron Chambers–Speaking Request & Information Form

Thank you for your inquiry into Arron Chambers’ availability to speak at your event.  It is an honor that you are requesting Arron for your event and he does not take it for granted.

Because Arron’s primary commitment is to his ministry as the Lead Minister at Journey Christian Church he can only take a limited number of speaking dates.  He also sets aside key dates for Eats with Sinners seminars.

In light of his limited speaking availability, please take notice of the following criteria prior to requesting Arron:

  • Because time and travel are limited for Arron, he tends to accept invitations for events that will have a larger impact for the gospel.  
  • Because of the above statement, Arron rarely accepts speaking engagements at single church/school events, such as retreats, camps, chapel time, etc.
  • Arron does not have a set honorarium.  He leaves that up to the Lord and those planning the event.

If you wish to submit a speaking request, please complete the following information in full.

What is the name of the event?

Who will sponsor the event & for what purpose?

Contact Name:

Phone number:

Email Address:

Website Address:

Event Dates:

Where Event will be held:

What airport would Arron fly into?

When do you expect Arron to arrive at event?

When would Arron be available to return from event?

How many times will Arron speak?

How long should Arron plan to speak for each message?

What is the event schedule (precise times of day)?

How many expected in attendance?

What is general age group of attendees?

What would you like Arron to speak on?

Would you cover all of Arron’ travel expenses (including car rental, if necessary)?

Would you consider covering the travel expenses for Arron’ wife or an associate?

Please feel free to list any other pertinent information:



Thank you for providing the requested information.  It will definitely be a great help to Arron as he prayerfully considers your invitation.

Speaking Request Form

Please send completed request to:

Arron speaking in front of 1,500 students at the Nationwide Youth Roundup


One response to Arron Chambers–Speaking Request & Information Form

    LALITHA,LAVANYA,RISHI July 30, 2013 at 2:04 am

    God should protect &deliver us (whole family ) from enemy.

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