About Arron

Well, let me tell you about myself and my blog…this blog is devoted to my thoughts, opinions, and random other expressions that run through my mind and heart on life, leadership, and my Lord.

Myself…I am a disciple of Jesus, husband, father, author, speaker, professor, friend, son, brother, triathlete, a guy who’s considering getting a tattoo, and lover of cats.

Well, the cat thing is an example of me speaking my native tongue: sarcasm.  Because I don’t really like cats. In fact, I believe that people who don’t go to Heaven will hear this, “Welcome to Hell, here’s your cat.”

You see, I can say this because I have sound theology and I gained this sound theology while earning two degrees from Florida Christian College and the M.A. in church history and theology from Abilene Christian University.

I am joyfully serving as the Lead Minister at Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado. I LOVE my church! Here’s the website in case you want to check it out and start to love it too: Journey.

I’ve written five books and a bunch of articles.  I love to write.  Words are like oxygen to me.  You can find my books in Christian bookstores, in the lobby of our church, in my Mom’s closet, and here on Amazon: Arron’s Books

Have I told you that I love to write? I’m working on a book on discipleship, a book on marriage and family, and a novel about a little boy named Trevor who almost dies trying to save his Mom’s life and catch his dead Dad’s killer.

You can find out more information about my ministry at www.arronchambers.com.

Hey, can you subscribe to my blog?  That would be awesome and would help my publishers to realize that there are people who actually care what I say and want to be alerted when I’ve written something new here.

Speaking of what I’ve written here…here are the top 9 posts of all time on my blog:

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More On Cohabitation

I’d love to hear from you.  You can connect with me…

by email: arron@arronchambers.com or arron@journeychristian.org

by phone: 970-304-9567

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arronschambers

twitter: @arronchambers

pinterest: http://pinterest.com/arronchambers/

speaking: 228-229-2775 or hannah@journeychristian.org

Disclaimer: (I adapted this from the great Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform, which is really, really good and you should buy it.)

This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of Journey Christian Church. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

9 responses to About Arron


    Dear Aaron;

    It has been said to obtain the witness or verification of a matter from other individuals. As such I am seeking the discernment of a knowledgeable person to provide some insight and understanding of a writing. Based on the tenor, it is apocalyptic stating what is happening is a matter of a reckoning between mankind and God, though Christians are clearly the focus. It appears to define what they are to do to prepare for God’s judgment on mankind.

    It is found at this link http://thedefinitive.spaces.live.com/. Any clarification or insight you might have would be a blessing.


    John C. Prichard October 22, 2009 at 1:07 am

    Arron, I have been following ur tweets for sometime now. I keep tryin to contact u. Mom had a stroke and is in hospital. While I was visiting her last week she had a heart attack. I would so much appreciate u and ur church praying for her health and for dad who is having such a hard time right now. Dad wants everyone to think he and ma r fine,but neither r! Arron u have always been such a good friend and I have always loved u and ur family. I miss all of you. I am back living in syracuse area and well just plain stinks but I need to be here for mom and dad both. Tweet me and I am on facebook and now u have my email address. Thank u arron! And GO VOLS!!!

    Melinda Furlong October 10, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Hello! Checking out your website from Jacksonville, Florida.
    We miss you very much at Christ’s Church and want you to know
    that you are always remembered fondly!!!!!

    The Furlong Family

    Daniel and Kathryn Arrants January 31, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Hello my good friend,

    Dan and Kathy here in Va. Beach Va.

    we miss seeing you at Southside in Kissimmee.

    I am searching for a hymn we learned there and I cannot find it.

    Do you remember The Bridegroom Song.


    Good morning Arron,

    I had finished my devotions and breakfast and then st down to read the second article in last Sunday’s adult Sunday School take-home paper. It was the article “Washing Each Other’s Feet”.

    God has been pushing me to think of the area of evangelism and discipleship in the last several years and I’ve come across several good books and articles and I have done a fair bit of writing about it; but what ends up happening is that I write, fall asleep thinking about the topic and wake up with an even greater understanding of that topic and then have to start all over again. I find that a little frustrating. A good friend of mine suggested several years ago that I write a book about it.

    Anyway, I read your article, then went online to the Power For Living website and downloaded the sample and your article and that article about the missionaries in Vietnam in the mid 1960s dovetailed so wonderfully with your description of the Chinese Christians washing the feet of the farmers.

    More frequently than we, as Christians would like to admit, our lives are more about getting than about giving. It’s a “ME FIRST” world and Christians, or people who call themselves Christians, have succumbed to that notion as well. My daughter worked in the retail sector for a couple of years and the best customers were usually the ones who were from the poorer segment of society while the worst customers were often the more well-to-do ladies with influential husbands, and they called themselves Christians as well. My daughter was understandably turned off by that attitude. Thankfully she knows the truth and although she has been hurt by the attitude of those people, she is not turned off to God’s truth. Praise the Lord.

    Bob Burg and John David Mann wrote an excellent book on this topic called “The Go Giver”. The book says nothing about Christianity although they are both Christians. I missed an opportunity a few years ago to be a part of a conference where Bob Burg was the keynote speaker.

    Today’s world has corrupted the way church and evangelism and discipleship are essentially done, particularly in North America and in Europe. Most churches – this is a generalization – operate with the same administrative structure as the world. We need structure but where I find the problem lies is not in the structure itself but in the way people have come to view the structure. Society has become so used to a few people owning much and the rest working for those few people. The big dreams are those of the owners and that leaves the little people to dream big but with a pie in the sky attitude, and then they look at more practical dreams like hopefully one day taking the family to Disneyworld or something like that.

    People have been relinquishing their large dreams and their freedom for perceived safety and comfort. They give up their independence to people who are willing to take risks, to dream big. They gladly take a steady income over possible huge rewards and blessings just to be safe. That means that the owners are free to dictate who does what and how much they get paid. Too often the little people are stuck in a J.O.B. that goes nowhere and they have no idea what to do or how to do it in order to get out of that downward spiral. J.O.B. – Just Over Broke.

    In the church people aren’t willing to step out and evangelize and disciple either – generalization. They pay their tithes and expect that the leadership will do all of that for them. They have the Bible preached to them every week and they know what they should do but come Sunday after lunch, all that teaching and preaching is laid aside only to be taken up again Sunday morning, with perhaps a feel-good Bible study session.

    As you pointed out in the article I cited, those Chinese Christians were willing to suffer humiliation for a time to make a point and to wear the locals down to the point where they finally had to find out what was driving those men.

    Thank-you for your enlightened sharing. May people who read and hear what God speaks through you be challenged like they’ve never been challenged before.

    May God bless you greatly and bless others greatly through you.

    Jason Dyck


    Came across your blog. Great posts! Keep up the awesome work with your ministry! Happy to read about all you guys are doing. Also, I completely with you on the sarcasm/dislike of felines.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago


    please send me a copy of yr books.

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