“My Best Christmas Gift Ever”

December 8, 2015 — 1 Comment


Boy, do I have a gift for you!  Do you need a “pick-me-up” this holiday season?

If so, here you go!

I asked my Facebook friends to share the best Christmas gift they ever received. I suggested that “Jesus” and “Salvation” are givens. 🙂

Keely Tidwell Evans–My husband home for christmas then he was in bootcamp and the year he was supposed to deploy. That time we had together on christmas exodus was so cherished because it was short, and the other time because he was supposed to be gone and got to be home.

Teresa Lewis–The birth of my youngest son Shane.. nick named my “Christmas Puddin’

Andy Woods–Three spiral notebooks. My Dad tells the best stories and he’s not getting any younger. A few years ago I was bugging him about writing them down. On Christmas I unwrapped my present to find three notebooks full of stories. Family who didn’t know what was going on couldn’t understand why I was so excited over three 99 cent notebooks.

Jim Ray– My Dad recorded about six cassettes of stories from his life that Donna spent months transcribing and now typing up to print books for all of my brothers and sisters to receive this Christmas.

Emmalie Spackman Armstrong–My husband once bought me a vase before we were married. I thought it was a terrible gift at the time but 18 years later he still buys me flowers to put in it. It has become my favorite gift.

Bobbie Jo Gorman Pittman–My homemade/ handmade cabbage patch doll. My grandparents couldn’t afford one (way back when they first came out and were like $100)so Grandma made one right down to her crcrocheted clothes!!! My Grandma is gone now and my daughter, Macie never got meet her but she gets to play with that doll.

Jeffrey T. Hare–My wife!

Piney Grove Christian Church–Two seater go cart

Andres Augustine Benavides–A plane ticket to Colorado for the holidays!

Christine Cavazos Gonzales–My second grade son’s $ .99 light bulb earrings that turned my ears green! Gaudy but I was so touched he bought them for mom.

Glen Fritzler–Best Christmas ever hands down, was the last Christmas both my mom and dad were still alive.

Karah Long–My grandma made us a cook book of family recipes

RaVae Erickson–My engagement ring. I got my hubby 5 months later!

Ben Siemon–techno super bowl

Donny Hughes–Tangible Object – Stretch Arm Strong – my sisters tore him apart frown emoticon The best gift has been memories and precious time with family (laughs, heartfelt thank you tears, jokes, catching up and of course traditional Christmas Drama) These are fun, thank you for letting us get involved.

Ivy Moya–My camera. I love capturing special and everyday moments.

Cassie Dawn Ruhl–Life!

Fred S. Turner–Atari 2600 when I was 12- complete with Asteroids, Space Invaders, Etc.. Knew there was no way my parents could afford it. Later learned they attended an all day time share sale presentation where it was the “prize” for showing up. Knowing how my parents disliked being sold anything, it made me appreciate them investing all that time and enduring the pressured sales pitch.

Angela Dowling Brogan–A saddle because I knew there must be a horse out back!!!!!!

Jude Champagne–Dog tags and letter explaining their significance from my marine brother while he was on leave.

Rose Marriott Larimer–My daughter got everyone a nerf gun and instructed us all to open them at the same time. The room spontaneously erupted into a good half hour of shooting each other all over the house. Lots of noisy laughter and silly frivolity. Not a real gift perhaps, but a great Christmas memory enjoyed by all ages of family members.
Donna Hays–My husband has given me the best gifts B/C he always gives me something I didn’t ask for but, apparently, needed. Our second Christmas together, he gave me a wool comforter and mattress pad to keep me warm during the Winter. That was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Laura Pattee–Our firstborn child.

Jim Ray–My first guitar was a Christmas gift. I only asked for it because my older brother (and biggest rival) asked for a ukulele. I had no idea at the time how the gift of music would enhance the rest of my life.

Jonathan Dana Blayney–My daughter birth 2010, first date with my wife 2007, guitar 1985

Kimberly Lee–A blue bike and a blue coat when I was about 10 that I heard Santa bring into the house.

Anisha Gutierrez–A few years ago, about a week before Christmas, we noticed that a couple of our items had gone missing. It turned out that the kids had snatched a couple of our things, wraped them and put them under the Christmas tree. I had never been so excited to see my hairbrush and I think Mikel got his belt returned to Him smile emoticon The kids told us they knew that we would love the gifts they got us. We laughed so hard!

Kitty Johnson–A 1989 Mustang XL that my grandparents got for me. It was hidden next door (Kirsten’s house) & everyone knew about it but me! My Papa was so proud to give that to me & I was blown away. I still remember him taking me by the arm to lead me next door & I was clueless. Meanwhile half the neighborhood is creeping out of their house to see my reaction. It was white with a humongous red bow on top. (Thanks for letting me relive that too. Got me teary.)

Amy McBride Chirichigno–My Nook! #bookworm

Katie Babbino–My mom gave me $1000 for a computer, all in $1 bills, rigged in a cookie tin to burst open and spray the money everywhere when it was opened. My last Christmas with her 🙂

Jennifer Barnett Seminara–A pair of diamond earrings. My husband Joe had given me a pair when my daughter Paulina was born. Unfortunately someone stole them and I was heart broken. My husband replaced them on Christmas with an upgraded pair .. The best part was that he had put them in an ornament that had been hanging in the tree all season. He had me hunt the tree for them. I had no idea he was replacing them and he made it a fun process .

Jeffery McDowell–My wife Liz. I proposed to her on Christmas 15 and she said yes! God took a hurt rebellious meth head like me and restored me in Him. He gave me a beautiful gift! Restoration in Him after straying for many many years! 🙂

Laura Jones Sampson–Grandma jones saved back jewelry and trinkets that had belonged to her mom and gave them to us over the next couple years after she died so we would remember her at Christmas. 💕

Leah McManus–My parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents pooled together and bought my violin when I was 14 or 15 years old. My mother insisted it would be the only gift I got for Christmas that year because it was expensive by our standards. I still use it every week to teach my violin students.

Anissa Keaton Snow–on Christmas morning when I really needed to feel/see God working in my life.

Audra Kingsley Blythe–After being married at 18 and 21, I cherished my wedding ring (that he picked all on his own) for 21 years. We’d talked about new rings for a few years, but I’m not a big jewelry person and it just wasn’t that important. Christmas of 2013, with our kids (18 and 20) present he was being a bit weird and really watching which present I opened. I grabbed a 8×8 box and as I opened it he got down on one knee…and began to sob. He eventually told me how much he loved me and handed me the little box inside as he appoligize for not being able to talk. My best Christmas present ever was his willingness to tell me, with our family present, how much I meant to him. The ring was just an extra…though I wear it happily, knowing how much thought he put into it 21 years later!

Aaron Gossage–My dad got me a flight in a T-6 Texan, a WW2 era aircraft.

Lizzie Johnstone–My keyboard I got last year

Connie Slaymaker–When my dad came down from Canada.
Hadn’t seen him in 6yrs. He worked the pipeline so rarely could get away. He spent a whole week with me in California.
I’ll never forget it.

PeteNheather Ramsey–My mom made life size rag dolls for me and my sister. They were made from some of our old clothes and looked like us. She must have put so much time into it. I am sure I didn’t appreciate it then. She worked full time, but gave so much of herself and time late into the night to make us happy. Now I know just how difficult that is to do

Amy Woodrum–An engagement ring. Funny story about that, The next year my husband got me the “Indiana Jones” movie set and he thought I didn’t like it b/c my reaction was nothing like the year before. I tried to explain that when you start with a wedding ring as a present it’s all kinda downhill from there LOL

Cheryl Grom–Record player

Ramona Griffin Eldridge–A cassette Walkman with an Amy Grant Christmas cassette inside it.

Melissa Kelly Colgate–My first Christmas together with George at my brother’s house.

Josey Sampson Corbett–It’s so relative! Not many can relate to this I suppose… When I was in Bulgaria, I got an awesome care package one Christmas. My two favorite items were toilet paper and crunchy peanut butter. I hid them both from guests of all nationalities. 🙂

Denise Casseday Finning–Gavin! He was born at 11:17 on Christmas morning 16 years ago! There is more to the story though… My grandpa, who was so excited to have a great grandson passed away on Dec. 3 that year.

Aaron Jennifer Warnick–My engagement ring or the spa gift card.

Rene’ Corbett–A teddy bear from my grandmother that has been made from a quilt top made by my great grandmother.

Beverly Jackson–Proposal from my husband

Tammy Skogen–The movie Scrooge. wink emoticon

Brenda Frame–After my husband passed away right before Thanksgiving, my teenage kids bought me a Bose radio so I could listen to talk radio. They definitely couldn’t afford it.

Julie McGrath–A really beautiful ring…to a ten year old girl? Ooh lala!!

Marina Davidson–Christmas was my Christmas present. Before I got married my family did not celebrate Christmas. I went to friends houses sometimes at Christmas time, but never had a Christmas at home. So when I was finally able to celebrate and make memories and go to church, and open presents and have Christmas morning breakfast and Celebrate Jesus it was and still is the best gift! My 10th real Christmas!!! ♡

Kelly Jones–My favorite gifts were the ones my sister picked out from Sanrio Surprise (a store for just hello kitty merchandise). Every year dad would fund a trip for each of us to pick out stuff for other one. Then we would wrap each individual item, including each pencil, tiny accessory, or knick knack. They were my favorite!

Lisa Barham-Dopler–A “Big Wheel” when I was 5.

Marrianne Kay Davis–A cabbage patch doll…when I was 18!! AND my mom and my aunt sewed and crocheted a ton of cute clothes for her!! I still have her!!

Susan Bartsch Smit–2 things…
My own bicycle… my Dad had been at sea and I had learned to ride on my big brothers’ much too tall for me bikes. Dad didn’t know I’d been learning so when I was happily surprised with a bike for me under the tree, he took me out to show me how to ride. My Mom and I had a great time watching his face as he held the bike for me and I surprised him by taking off and riding. The second gift is anytime we’re able to be with family and friends to hang out and/or share a meal. It’s always so special!

Janet Morris–A Blizzard! Sue and I were stuck in her little apartment in Denver and all our presents and Christmas dinner was in Greeley! We had no electricity and only soup and crackers for Christmas dinner…but one of my best gifts. We sang Christmas carols by candlelight and talked ourselves hoarse! And the soup was “blessed” extensively!

Drew Bromm Risk–Lord of the Rings trilogy edition

Kyle Andrew Morrissey–White Power Ranger Gloves

Shannon Tetiva–My parents got me the baby doll I wanted! I know it was expensive for them as my dad was layed off. I still have that doll.

Susie Moreno–1973 Barbie Townhouse. We lived at Island Grove Apt., Mom, Dad, and 6 kids. We didn’t have a lot, in fact we had very little, but they always made sure we got a new outfit and at least one really good gift. So something like a Barbie Townhouse was AMAZING! I loved that thing. It was also the last gift they gave me before splitting up so that might have something to do with it holding such fond memories for me.

Pat Brunner–First and foremost would be God’s gift of his Son. But also my family’s love was, is and always will be my best Christmas gift over material things.

Ginny Mackey Graham–One of my most memorable Christmas gifts was a velvet long robe. It was even more special to know my dad picked it out. I think I was 12 years old.

Sheryl Wilson–I have to explain …My husband never just gives a gift because you want it, in his head he has to understand why and see value in it or you may not get it!! A couple years ago he got me a mic and stand as well as a book on carving, he stepped out of his comfort zone and gave me a gift I find joy in doing!! If you knew him you would understand how priceless that gift was too me!

Melody Willert–First and foremost, Jesus. The one gift I remember, and I’ve lived through 63 Christmases, was a gold bookmarker with an “M” on it from my cousin Penny. I was probably 8 or 9.

Julie Nelson–Positive pregnancy test/the gift of becoming a parent!

Terri Herrington–The only ring my husband has bought me….he couldn’t afford anything when we got married….so a couple years later he bought me a heart shaped ring with a diamond in the middle. I wear it everyday and think of him everyday for he is forever on my mind and in my heart.

Mark Wheeler–Baptized into Christ December 1988 and engaged a couple days later to my now wife of almost 27 years!

Dave Jones–Stretch Armstrong!

Sheryl Wilson–A few years back!! I had ask my husband if he would go to church with me for Christmas, je would not answer because he had not made up his mind, he surprised me and very last minute he came with me, best gift ever to be with your husband on such a day of blessings

John Jordan–December 26, 1992 I got Jennifer Jordan; December 27, 1994 I got Joshua Jordan

Sarah Badding Selby–Arianna telling me all she wants for Christmas this year is “a happy Christmas”

Kathy Cook–One year we were struggling financially and my sister BETH gave us a honey baked ham. I was so excited that I could put a holiday meal on the table. Will never forget that year.

Melissa Schultz Smith–One year when we were really struggling we had an anonymous card with $200 given to us at church. The only inscription was”here is your Christmas miracle”

Tara Woods–My parents divorced when I was young, but a few years back we decided to all have Christmas together. It was the only time it happened, but it was the best Christmas I’ve had thus far greatest gift I’ve received is being with ALL my family at once!

Annie Lathim Bellis–Our daughter, Hannah! Went through a lot to have her and almost lost her while having her on December 22, 1997!


Join the conversation! What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

©2015 Arron Chambers


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    My first Christmas with my family after being released from prison. I was sober and definitely appreciated the true meaning of Christmas more than I ever had before!

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