Scriptures on Depression and Anxiety

November 25, 2014 — 3 Comments

I’m preparing a message for the near future on depression because, it seems, I’m encountering it with people in the church, in relationships, movies, books, and in my own life more often than ever.

In light of that, I was blessed by a recent post by my friend, Ron Klave on his blog Bible Resolute.

Ron is the author of “Liar! Liar! Lies Told by Imperfect People, Used by a Perfect God” (CrossLink Publishing). He is an Air Force veteran, a former Police Officer and Private Investigator and works full-time for Select Energy Services. Ron has served as ministry leader, speaker and Bible teacher for churches in Iowa and Colorado.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog:

Below are several Scripture verses that may help you during your time of depression and anxiety.
–Read them, aloud if you can.
–Pray through them, aloud if you can.
–Meditate on them throughout the day.

You don’t have to go through them all at once, so just pick a few at a time each day…You are loved, valuable and precious in the sight of God. You are worth His sacrifice upon the cross and you are worth every drop of His blood that was shed for you. You are not alone. Accept His precious gift of grace.

He then shares over 40 Scriptures that speak to the issues of depression and anxiety. I found these very helpful and a great introduction into what I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

Click Here to Read Those Scriptures on Bible Resolute



3 responses to Scriptures on Depression and Anxiety


    Thank you for posting this. I have struggled with PTSD, depression and anxiety for most of my life. While I have used medications to help me through it, I know there is no better medicine than the word of God! God bless


    I started to read through the listed scriptures with some trepidation, thinking that it might be another well meaning but misguided attempt to make depression an indictment of the faith or spirituality of one suffering with depression with no discernment of the different levels of depression (such as situational – in a temporary slump vs. psychological and/or physical – relating to neurons and all that in the brain). However I was pleased to find the listed scriptures uplifting. Just saying…just like it is hard for someone that doesn’t suffer with an addiction (for example) to understand why someone with an addiction can’t just kick it, so it is with depression.


    Good morning everyone, my name is Ron Klave and I am the author of the post “Scriptures on Depression and Anxiety.” My response to you all is going to be open and honest so you all understand why I wrote it the post. After reading the two responses, and then speaking with Arron, I really felt convicted to let everyone know that I absolutely and currently suffer from severe depression. My depression started at the age of 16, but in all honesty, I didn’t really deal with it until just a few years ago. By dealing with it, I mean being open and honest about it and even confessing it to my close friends and family. My depression is so severe at times, that suicide creeps into my mind more than I would like to admit. I hate it! I hate everything about depression! I hate how it makes me feel, I hate how it makes everyone around me feel! I hate that it makes me feel unworthy even though the Bible teaches otherwise (through Christ)! I hate that there are days I am so debilitated by it that I can do nothing but sit on a chair and cry! I hate that it makes me feel ashamed to even go to God about it! I hate that sometimes I can’t read or write or even speak, even though those are the very things that help. I hate that some medications I have taken don’t work. I hate that some medications that I have taken have such bad side effects, that I am better off without them. I hate that fact that as I am writing this response, that I am in tears, praying that God would take my depression away and take it away from others. My depression is both biological and sometimes, spiritual. I believe they both play a factor at times. My depression is not situational, although there are things that can happen that makes it worse. I live with this daily and I have to fight daily. If I stop fighting, I stop living and I can’t do that! Do you understand my point yet? I hate depression! I didn’t write the post because I thought it was the end-all, be-all for a cure, nor do I think anyone believes that. For me, it is a combination of multiple things that get me through a day-Medication, Counseling, Prayer, Bible Study, Writing, Playing games, Riding my motorcycle, Talking to close friends, Talking to my wife and kids, calling a friend up when really bad days hit and they can help walk me through stuff.

    Depression makes you feel alone and makes you feel like your battling it alone. In truth, that is the worst thing I can do…think that I am alone and no one cares. God cares! I care! True friends care! You are not alone, nor do you have to be. I wrote the blog because those Scriptures really can help-even though it may be temporary and not a permanent solution. I don’t know if this reply will help anyone, but it is my prayer that somehow, it will. No one has to be or feel alone!

    Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk or share your story at or visit my website:

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