Enough With the Kiddie Graduations!

May 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

I was perusing Facebook and noticing all the pictures of little kids in their “graduation” regalia and decided it was time to share this blog post again. 🙂

My Lord and My Blog: A blog by Arron Chambers

Back in my day there were only High School & College/University graduations…and we liked them because they were all we had.

Now there are graduations from Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and from “I’m God’s Gift to this World Self-Esteem” classes.

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely silly and only an attempt to sell tiny caps & gowns, photo packages, and ample amounts of overpriced Hallmark merchandise to people who have allowed themselves to indulge a false-sense of accomplishment?

Not every completed task is a great accomplishment.

Graduating from HS or College is a great accomplishment and something of which to be very proud.  These graduates deserve a lot of credit and praise.

Me finishing Kindergarten was no great accomplishment. I pretty much ate, colored, napped, and monkey-barred my way through that year of glorified play-time.  No, I didn’t deserve to “graduate” from Kindergarten, to don…

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