How to pray for your Creature…I mean Preacher

February 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

My friend Tammy sent me this note recently about a conversation she had with her son on the way to school:

It was career day today at Ola Elementary and I was having a conversation with Maddox on the way to school about what he wants to be when he grows up. Suggestions from mom fireman, doctor, policeman, etc. Excited about all the possibilities. When I suggested a preacher he just looked at me funny and said … “no way, they get beaten up and eaten by monsters and they are not even real mama….” I think he’s confusing preachers with creatures.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this, but then I stopped laughing as it dawned on me how accurate sweet little Maddox’s description was of the reality of being a creature…I mean a preacher.


And, then I thought…sweet little Maddox has given us a great template for how you can pray for your creature…I mean preacher.

Protection…because preachers do get beaten up.

Pray that your preacher is protected when the enemy tries to knock him out with:




Angry Emails




Needy People

Sexual Temptation




Low Attendance Numbers

Low Offerings

Family Struggles

Strength…because preachers are sometimes almost eaten by monsters.

As you pray for your preacher, pray that God will strengthen him in the following areas:


Devotion to God

Relationship with Jesus

Reading of the Word

Leading of the Holy Spirit




Physical Health


Work Ethic

Gym 🙂

Authenticity…because the best preachers I know are real.

Pray that your preacher resists the temptation to become inauthentic in the following areas:



Marriage and Family Life


Interpersonal Relationships

Accountability with Other Christian Men

Social Media

As you pray for your creature…I mean preacher, may I ask you to also say a prayer for my friend’s son, Maddox.

Pray that, if God calls him, Maddox will have the courage to respond, “Yes way!” And, if he is called into ministry, pray that he knows a life of ministry where he feels God’s protection and strength as he serves the Lord authentically.


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