A Public School Teacher’s Perspective on Journey Christian Church

October 4, 2013 — 6 Comments

Yesterday, we received an email from a teacher at a public school we have supported for years (John Evans IB Middle School)–and continue to support. It was written as a Letter to the Editor for our local paper, but it doesn’t look like it will be published, so I thought I’d publish it here. We are so grateful for John Evans IB Middle School and for the honor of partnering with such an amazing group of teachers and students.–Arron

The Church, The State, and Our Journey                

I have been in education for 20 years now, so I am well aware of the separation of church and state.  I respect and understand that separation.  Everyone has opinions and reasons as to why they think these two entities should or should not remain separate.

I am not writing today to talk about whether the two should coexist, or remain separate.  That is irrelevant to me.  However, I am writing to say how relevant one group of unbelievable individuals, that just happen to gather as one church, has been supporting the state.  To be more specific, how they are a tremendous support to John Evans.

We all know that the economy has had its toll on America and our surrounding communities.  It is a period in time that has exposed growing needs at schools across Greeley and Evans.  During the middle of a particularly hard stretch there were many of our students worried about whether they were going to have something to eat over the weekend.  School breakfast and lunch was something they could count on, but home didn’t provide the same stability.

John Evans wanted to organize a program that would allow them to take home food over the weekend.  The food bank was struggling to keep up, and we weren’t sure how we would make this program possible.  Word found its way to Journey Church that we were in need.

From that moment forward we have seen nothing but an endless stream of support and giving to our school community.  75 bags of food later, that continue to show up on a weekly basis to this day, our students are able to eat at home on Saturday and Sunday.  The holiday seasons have seen support with the likes our parents could have never provided in their time of need.  Students who can’t afford uniforms have been dressed and ready for school.  Backpacks have been filled with supplies.  Flood victims from the John Evans school community who lost everything have been able to find clothing, supplies, food, water, and whatever they lost to the menacing water at Journey Church.  I could write on, but the paper would not have room.

Too many times good people do good things and it goes unnoticed.  I thought it important to write about these generous, kind, caring, positive, supporting individuals that happen to gather as a church.  I have never attended a service, so I can’t write about what they teach.  Not once have they ever tried to tell me what they teach.  And, as I stated, that is irrelevant to me.  Again, what is relevant to me, is that this CHURCH is full of amazing individuals who have made an incredible difference in the STATE of the well-being of our students while asking for nothing in return.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what I could give them that they don’t already have, so I will simply start with a ridiculously big THANK YOU!


6 responses to A Public School Teacher’s Perspective on Journey Christian Church


    Not only in Greeley/Evans but they’ve shown God’s love to children around the world!


    That is amazing, and unfortunately there are too many churches who think about themselves, rather than what they can do for their neighbors. The last church I went to was a mission driven church, we served over 1000 meals to the homeless and did “Christmas in the park” every year, giving out things such as tents, sleeping bags, home made bread, and things as “simple” as socks, and toiletries. This is something I have been struggling to find as I moved from Denver to Phoenix, a church that shows the Love of God, and doesn’t just collect money. Well Done Journey! Please keep up the good work and showing the love of God!


    Such a blessing. Arron, you must be so blessed by your folks as they are blessed by you and God multiplies.


    feeding souls and stomachs- It is a good thing


    I searched gay on your blog. I got AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, and Ted Haggard — “We must look into the eyes of Gayle Haggard and her children and never forget what sin looks like.”

    I would put it to you, Mister, God ain’t stopped talking, but people like you have been trained or decided to stop listening and learning. I’m just sorry that someone so young as you decided to go along with the “too old to learn” ears stopped up crowd.


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love hearing from and interacting with readers of my blog.
      I’ve read your comment a few times and I’m still unsure as to what you’re specifically referring to in your second paragraph.
      For the record, that post on Ted Haggard was written 7 years ago. Since then, Ted has repented. He and his wife have reconciled and he has begun a new ministry that is doing well. I’m happy for him and his wife. I have a lot of respect for him now.
      When I wrote that post, it had been revealed that he had been unfaithful to his wife. That’s a sin in God’s book.
      Let me put it to you, Mister, are you suggesting that marital unfaithfulness is not a sin? And that his sin didn’t hurt his family, which both he and his wife admit as a part of their public testimony? That was my point. Has God told you something new on that point?
      Also, what evidence do you have that I’ve stopped listening and learning? Have you visited me in my office? Are you privy to the list of books that I’ve read this year? Have you been shadowing me as I researched and wrote a book over the past two years? Have you received transcripts of all of my conversations with my diverse group of friends and associates? Or, are you just scanning the internet looking for opportunities and “evidence” to judge “people like me”?
      By your own admission, it’s obvious you came to my blog with an agenda. You searched for words that aren’t in the post on Ted Haggard. I’ll offer this: If you’d really like to know my heart on any issue, call me, and let’s chat. I love talking with people from different backgrounds. I love listening. I love learning. Please respond here if you’d like to continue this dialogue.

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