Want to join us for a summer sermon series?

May 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

This is spontaneous, last-minute, and probably a little crazy, but my preaching team and I were talking and thought it might be fun to throw this out there….

Would you (preachers out there) be interested in joining us (Journey Christian Church) in our summer sermon series based on my book, Eats with Sinners?


Here’s how it would work?

1) The series is based on my book, Eats with Sinners, and is on evangelism. You could call your series whatever you’d like (I think the name Eats with Sinners is a great title for a book, but not a great title for a sermon series on evangelism, which is ok for me to say because I wrote it). The Eats with Sinners approach to sharing Christ with your community is an important part of our DNA. We haven’t done the series in 3 years, so we wanted to do it again. We’ve doubled in size since then (we currently average about 800 in weekly attendance), so there are a bunch of people here at Journey who haven’t been through this experience. The last time we went through this series our average attendance grew by 150!

2) If you’re familiar with this series, since I offer it as a download on my website as, The Party Program, you need to know that this will be a mostly new series and approach to presenting my book.  We’re calling our series, “What Jesus Wouldn’t Do.”  He wouldn’t be ungraceful, unloving, unmerciful, unethical, etc. We plan on having a lot of fun with this series since it’s the summer and offer fun experiences where people can connect with people in the community: picnics, cookouts, pool parties, block parties, etc.

3) We’re beginning our series on Sunday, June 9th and running it through Sunday, September 1st (Labor Day weekend). We’re running it as a 13 week series since my book has 13 chapters.

4) We are offering a unique experience for the first 5 churches to contact me by email arron@enjoythejourney.us or by comment below: We’d like to do this summer sermon series with you!

Here are some important details:

  • We’ll write the sermons for you. They will be available by email or download.
  • We’ll make our worship sets and all other worship elements available to you and your team.
  • My book includes 13 small group studies/Sunday School lessons, so you’d have those already done and ready for use this summer.
  • This is one of my favorite elements! We’re going to set up a weekly 1 hour “Skype/Facetime” session where we will discuss the sermon for the week, plan the worship set together, discuss creative elements, plan outreach ideas, discuss fun experiences where we can connect with our community, etc. These sessions will also allow my team an opportunity to consult with you and your team.  This time is tbd and will be available as a podcast for those churches that miss the live planning session. Now, since it’s summer & vacation season here in Colorado, my whole team will not be present at these planning sessions every week. We will pick a set time each week that works best for as many of the churches as possible. 
  • You’ll get our cell phone numbers for coaching and consultation.
  • Now, you’re going to need to be flexible and know that we’ll be preparing these services week-to-week. We’re hoping that you’ll have the sermons by Thursday of each week.
  • How much does it cost? Well, all of this…13 weeks of sermons, small group lessons/Sunday School Lessons, worship sets, creative elements, and the fun of working with 10 other churches on a common cause…will only cost you a $100 donation to our Haiti Rapha House Project (Checks can be made out to Journey Christian Church with “Haiti Rapha House Project” in the memo and sent to: Journey Christian Church, 4754 W 31st St, Greeley, CO 80634).  
  • Why are we doing this? We just thought it would be fun to join with other churches for this summer sermon series, it will help us build a Rapha House in Haiti, we love reaching lost people for Jesus and want to help you reach lost people this summer, plus it would give us a chance to build mentoring connections to other congregations.

If you and your church are interested in joining us for this experience, contact me asap (by email or by comment below), send in your check, and we’ll get you signed up. 


One response to Want to join us for a summer sermon series?

    Sheila Lister May 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    May God bless this endeavor and all the servants who participate. Praying that the Holy Spirit goes before you to prepare hearts and minds.

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