He loves to fly…and it shows.

March 14, 2013 — 1 Comment



I’m on a flight to Nashville that is full of pilots. They’re all heading to a “Women in Aviation” conference, which is interesting because this post is about a guy pilot in seat 17A.

When we sat down, and I asked about “all the pilots on board,” he told me that he’s heading to that conference, too.

Which is not what this post is about.

I’m struck with how much this guy loves to fly.

He can’t stop looking out the window.  He seems to be studying every aspect of our flight–the de-icing, each movement of the wing flaps, our air speed, and a bunch of other things of which I have no idea.

At first, I was a little nervous.

Put yourself in my seat…17C.  You’re sitting next to a pilot who can’t stop looking out the window and you’re not going to be a little nervous?

Not too long into our flight it dawned on me that this guy just loves to fly.

He loves everything about it.

I hope his passion for flying never dies.

I hope my passion for preaching never dies.

I pray that, 50 years from now, a young man listens to me preach….in a back room in some nursing home in Joplin, Missouri…and thinks to himself, “This guys loves to preach.”

Because I do. I love everything about it.


One response to He loves to fly…and it shows.


    Excellent! I love flying and always try to look into the cockpit when boarding the plane, but I REALLY love to Preach and feel very much entrusted with the task as well . . . called to it in fact. That’s probably why I never took the role of an associate minister early in ministry, because I wouldn’t be able to preach. Jesus came to Preach! Mark 1:38. We need more meatier, fine tuned, and unctioned preaching today. Lot’s of fun Aaron. Thanks!

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