Are You Wearing the Official Color of Pastor Appreciation Month?

October 9, 2012 — 8 Comments

Just let me start by saying, that I have women who I know who are battling and who have survived breast cancer.  This is breast cancer awareness month, so we’re going to see a lot of pink during the NFL games, on Facebook, and elsewhere.

NFL players and personnel are instructed to wear pink to raise awareness for the importance of women getting screened for breast cancer.

This post, in no way, is written to take away from the importance of raising the awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

That being said, October is also Pastor Appreciation Month and this Sunday (October 14th) is Pastor Appreciation Sunday.

Last year, in a staff meeting–and in light of all of the pink we see during October each year–our Worship Minister, Matt Estrin, suggested that there should be a color to raise awareness about the importance of appreciating Pastors.

After much discussion and prayer, we landed on blue.

Blue is the official color that you and others in your congregation can wear to show your Pastor how much you appreciate him and to raise awareness of the importance of appreciating Pastors.

So, if you love and appreciate your Pastor…

1) Wear blue to church next Sunday and every Sunday this month.

2) Take a picture of yourself in blue and send it to your Pastor (and me at my Facebook page and we’ll start a website to honor pastors).

3) Buy your Pastor a blue article of clothing.

4) Change the color of your email font to blue for the month of October.

5) Buy him a blue car.

6) Paint your house blue for the month of October.

7) If you live in the Northeast and are thus socially liberal, take him out for a glass of Blue Moon beer.  If you live in the South, you can also raise awareness by praying for all of your wayward Northeastern brethren who are buying their Pastors glasses of Blue Moon beer.

8) Watch an episode of Blue’s Clues with your kids and, at the end, simply say, “I’m so grateful for Pastor _________.”

9) Listen to blues music on your iPod as a reminder of how happy you are to have the Pastor you have.

10) Distribute blue rubber wristbands to the congregation with the initials “WWTPD” (What Would The Pastor Do?) inscribed on them.

11) Buy your Pastor a gift card to his favorite coffee place: The BLUE Mug (this applies only if your Pastor happens to live in Greeley, CO.)

Since this will soon be a nationwide movement, I’d like to invite you to “join the party” and leave some ideas you have for how we can–using the color blue–raise awareness for the importance of appreciating our Pastors.  Please leave your ideas in the comments section so we can all be blessed and be a blessing to our Pastors.

And remember: When you wear blue, your Pastor hears, “I love you!”

©2012 Arron Chambers


8 responses to Are You Wearing the Official Color of Pastor Appreciation Month?


    Here’;s a shout out to the “BLUE” for you Arron!! Sure do appreciate you and all the pastoral staff at Journey!! Blessings!!


    Yay for blue! Throw in a little orange and this is one pastor that’s set.

    If you’re ever wondering what NOT to do to show your appreciation:


    I wear blue everyday M-F. I must really love pastors. Indeed, I do.


    It hasn’t been observed around here…ever…that I know of. I’m going to get a gift for an elder that really minister’s to me. Think that will stir the guilt?


    Blue is how I feel whenever someone leaves this world without knowing our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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