Are you here just for the pound cake?

September 21, 2012 — 1 Comment

I love being around other Christians.

Last night, after the last family from our small group left our house, I plopped down on the couch and proclaimed, “I love our small group!”

I do.  I love having fellowship with those people on Thursday nights and I love having fellowship with the people of Journey on Sundays.

What do you think of when you hear the word “fellowship”?

Mrs. Burns (not her real name) thought of pound cake.

Mrs. Burns loved fellowship, or should I say, Mrs. Burns loved fellowship dinners, or should I say, Mrs. Burns loved Flossie Graham’s pound cake.

Mrs. Burns was a senior citizen of the church I attended when I was a young boy.

She didn’t really seem to care about getting to know other people in the church; she seemed intent on getting a pound cake into her purse during every fellowship dinner she ever attended. She and her husband wouldn’t talk to anyone at the fellowship dinners. They didn’t really seem to like people very much. Mr. Burns once gave one of our Elders the “finger” on his way to church…but that’s another post for another time.

Regardless, at some point early into every fellowship dinner Mrs. Burns would put a pound cake in her purse before leaving without saying anything to anyone and heading home.

Doesn’t that take the cake?!?

They went home with a pound cake but didn’t seem to care an ounce about building relationships with any other Christians–and that still makes me sad.

I know Mr. and Mrs. Burns would have been blessed through some fellowship with other Christians and I know they would have been a blessing in return.

Sometimes, when it comes to fellowship, we act as if we’ve only come for the pound cake. All we want is what we want and if we don’t get what we want—we’re going home…and taking our pound cake with us. Sometimes, it seems, some Christians just come to church for the “show” and have very little interest in getting to know other Christians at church.  I find it unbelievable when believers don’t seem to want to build relationships with other believers.

The relationships I have with the other Christians in my small group–and at my church–are empowering, encouraging, and give me the strength I need for enduring the challenges of this life.

Small group last night was such a blessing and now I’m even more excited about gathering with the church at Journey in two days.

Fellowship with the people at my church is awesome!

It’s even better than Flossie Graham’s pound cake.


One response to Are you here just for the pound cake?


    I’ve known a few Mrs Burns! I’ve also learned that sometimes it isn’t that people don’t want to build relationships but that they don’t know how. It isn’t just at church that they show up, don’t talk and then leave but rather across their life because they haven’t been taught the skills needed for interpersonal relationships. That makes me more sad because they want to be in relationship but don’t know how.

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