Great Free eBook for Church Planters, or anyone leading a team

September 13, 2012 — Leave a comment


Last Spring, I was privileged to hear a presentation from Paul Williams on the results of his PhD study on preachers, the DISC personality profile, and the impact of a preacher’s personality on the church with whom he is serving.

I’m excited that Paul’s study is now available as a free eBook.  You can download it here:

Wired to Plant: The Impact of DiSC on the Church Planter by Paul Williams

Here’s some more information on Paul, his research, and this book:

By now, we know that choosing the right lead pastor is critical to a new church’s success. But the “how” in that equation is still somewhat elusive. Orchard Group Chairman Dr. Paul Williams has studied this dilemma and in this new eBook shares what he’s learned. With 33 years of church planting experience, Williams has learned to identify and hire high-capacity leaders who effectively plant growing churches. The result has been rapid and consistent growth in churches planted by New York-based Orchard Group, one of the nation’s largest church planting ministries Williams has served since 1979. The ministry has planted more than 70 churches, primarily in the hard-to-reach areas of New York and the Northeast. During that time, the ministry’s new churches have grown from averaging 50 attendees at five years of age to now averaging 500 at the same benchmark.

In 2011, using the DiSC test, Williams completed a study of 50 lead church planting pastors. The results—the focus of this new eBook—provide fresh insight and proven information to anyone hiring church planters; considering church planting; or teaching about new churches. Wired to Plant, Williams says, helps readers see the possibilities and challenges of church planters in a whole new light.

Williams serves as preaching associate at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, Colo., and Christ’s Church of the Valley in Philadelphia. He is also Editor-at-Large and a weekly columnist with Christian Standard magazine. His previous books include Laughter, Tears and In-Betweenand the Windows of Worship series of devotional books.

Read it and let’s discuss his findings.  Do you agree? What do you think?


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