The Next Great Work…Can you say “Monkeys”?

July 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

This Sunday, at Journey, we presented our vision that our next great work as a church is going to be family driven and family focused.  Our next great work is going to start with families working together to do a great work right where we are.  We’ve been studying Nehemiah and the great work he and the people of Jerusalem did in rebuilding the wall.

I’m more excited about this next great work than I was about John Evans because this next wave has the potential to have worldwide impact.

On Sunday I asked the families to take a brick home, pray about their next great work (as a family), write their great work on the brick (and decorate it) once the Lord revealed it to them, and then bring the brick back to church and put it on the stage.

Already, some exciting great works are emerging.  One couple is going to lead a duck hunting event at church that will reach hunters for Christ.  Another family is going to host a 5k in Greeley to raise money to help the needy.  One family is going to start a program to mentor couples.  Another family already had a garage sale to raise money for a surgical scope for a mission hospital in Guatemala.

So, last night, my family and I sat down with our brick and began praying and discussing the next great work we’re going to do as a family for the glory of God.

We don’t have clarity yet about what our work is going to be, but I wanted to share some of the ideas my kids came up with last night.

I can’t wait to see what God does next!

  • Buy 10 back packs for John Evans kids and fill the backpacks with school supplies
  • Dig a well in Africa
  • Plant a church in Ghana
  • Help our cousin Larry, who is a missionary in Germany
  • Help single moms
  • Start a ministry for AIDS victims in Africa
  • Buy Christmas gifts for kids in need
  • Help buy the surgical scope for the mission hospital in Guatemala
  • Endow scholarship for kids at John Evans who want to go to college
  • Hold a prom for special needs kids
  • Help our friends buy a van for a paralyzed man
  • Build a playground in an underdeveloped part of Greeley

And now my favorite idea from my favorite oldest son, Levi….

  • Start a ministry to save the species of monkeys that are becoming extinct.

I love my kids and their heart for God, God’s people, and God’s creation.

This is going to be a great work, no matter what.


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