Reflections from Day 3 of Our Great Work

July 12, 2012 — 7 Comments

A District 6 representative just walked by me in the cafeteria. We both commented on how great the school looks and then he said, “I guess all of your writing on the walls was a waste of time, huh?”  He’s been very nice to us, so I know that he wasn’t being mean; he was just asking a question.
Yesterday was an exciting day because we finished painting and took off all of the paper and began to see the results of all of our hard work.
The transformation on campus is stunning.  Dark walls and halls are now bright and clean.
A group of volunteers also put all of the locks on the school lockers–registering each lock along the way.  This job was very tedious, but the volunteers worked at it with all of their hearts.
Another group of four people assembled tables.
While others painted the door frames.
After lunch, we scrubbed paint off of the floor of the cafeteria because we wanted to make sure that we cleaned up after ourselves and did everything with excellence.
Today was especially exciting because we were joined in our effort by members of Mosaic Church and Amanecer Cristiano.  Members of these churches wrote scriptures on the walls in Spanish and prayed for the school in Spanish.

Pastor David Flores of Amanecer Cristiano

We joined together, throughout the day, and prayed in the halls and in every classroom of John Evans Middle School.
Today was the day we painted over the last scriptures that we had written on the walls, which presented an interesting challenge because some of the scriptures could be seen–even after several coats of paint.  I can’t tell you how many times someone said today, “The scriptures are bleeding through.”
We promised to do this project with excellence so we will make sure that every scripture is covered up before we leave, but for anyone who is wondering whether or not writing scriptures on the wall was a waste of time, or not I’ll leave you with a reminder from Isaiah 55:11
So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.
Thanks to the mighty hand of our God, John Evans Middle School is now covered in the word of God so–even though we covered over the hundreds of Scriptures we wrote on the walls–we are expecting God to do a mighty work on that campus because His Word shall not return to Him empty.
Yes, you can try to cover them up, but the scriptures will always bleed through.

7 responses to Reflections from Day 3 of Our Great Work


    Good word Arron. Glad to have played a small part in this Great Work.


    Made me tear up a bit, reading about the Scriptures bleeding through. The Lord is so pleased with this great work. And what amazing seeds have been planted. Thank you, Lord!


    So wish I could have been there to help in some small way, but my back surgeon said, “not so fast, young lady”, we don’t want to redo the great work I just finished on your spine.” God bless you all for the great work you have accomplished this week.


    That scripture is one of my favorites. There is so much symbolism that the paint has created. It has ditected many prayers in my head as I walked the halls with my mom and dad this afternoon. You mended what was broken. You covered it with love. You brought light into the darkness. So too has Christ healed the broken covered our sin bringing us out of darkness into light. Your service Journey echos the love of Christ and it will resonate in those halls. Thank you. Blessed.


    Thank you for praying and painting my room Angel.


    I met someone today and started to share about my journey at John Evans with Journey. Thank you for loving on my students and staff.

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