My Top 10 Saddest Movies of All Time

June 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

Yesterday, as I spoke about Nehemiah crying over the state of the city of Jerusalem, I talked about the things that make us cry.

I cry over movies…a lot, so I generated a list of my top 10 Saddest Movies of all time.

Here you go:

10) Toy Story 3

9) The Notebook

8) My Life (with Michael Keaton)

7) The Notebook (Ok, I accidentally put this on the list twice and didn’t catch it until the 1st service yesterday.  I’m leaving it on the list because, the more I’ve reflected on how it ended up on the list twice, I’ve decided it must be on there twice for a reason.) 🙂

6) Schindler’s List

5) Steel Magnolias–Do I lose my man-card over this one?

4) Father of the Bride

3) Brian’s Song

2) Old Yeller

A preacher friend, Dean Jackson, agrees with me:

Arron, I saw your request for sermon help and thought I’d reply. I’ve found that I’ve become more emotional as I’ve grown older, but one sure-fire way for me to cry is to watch when Travis shoots Old Yeller! I’m 46, a “manly” man, and father of two teenage sons, but that moment still gets me…

1) The Passion of the Christ

What sad movies are on your list?


2 responses to My Top 10 Saddest Movies of All Time


    The end of Field of Dreams gets me everytime.


    “The Family Man”. At the end of the movie Nicolas Cage’s character goes in pursuit of kids that he fell in love with but never really existed. Plus in one scene he comes in from outside in the dead of winter and leaves the back door open and no one asks if he was born in a barn. That’s sad.

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