10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Church The Sunday After Easter

April 14, 2012 — Leave a comment


1. You would immediately not be a “Creaster” anymore–a person who only comes to church on Christmas and Easter.
2. You may make some new friends.
3. You’ll discover that the coffee is still free.
4. You’ll get to learn some new songs and maybe hear some familiar ones too.
5. It gives the preacher a better chance to get to know your name, which helps it not to be so awkward if you ever plan on getting married or buried.
6. Your kids may like their classes and you may like having a partner in parenting your kids.
7. Because of muscle memory, the drive will become a little easier each time.
8. You’ll make your Mom happy, because when she asks you on Sunday afternoon, “Did you go to church this morning?” you’ll be able to say, “Yes!”
9. Did I mention, Free Coffee?
10. You may start a new habit. 🙂

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