Jesus Died, so…

April 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

Good Friday Thoughts:

Jesus Died, so I will . . . 

Live for him.

Live for others.

Live an abundant life.

Live a humble life.

Live a spiritually fruitful life.

Live with a sense of expectancy.

Live a holy life.

Live a passionate life.

Live a submissive life.

Live a sacrificial life.

Live a purposeful life.

Live a meaningful life.

Live simply.

Live a contented life.

Live for my wife and kids.

Live a faithful life.

Live a loving life.

Live a generous life.

Live within my means.

Live without of my human means.

Live with a deep respect for other people.

Live on the word of God.

Live a life not confined to the indoors.

Live a healthy life.

Live an uncluttered life.

Live well.

Live a compassionate life.

Live out an intimate relationship with my Lord.

Live a life that testifies to the grace of Jesus.

Live like I could die tomorrow.

Live with respect for nature.

Live like Christ.

Live peacefully.




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