Why I Love Coffee

April 4, 2012 — 3 Comments

I’m sitting at my desk, it’s mid-afternoon, I’m tired and…for some unknown reason…I’m thinking about the reasons I love coffee.  In no particular order.

Why I Love Coffee:

It makes me happy.

It’s delicious, especially when served with cream and sweetener.

It’s one of the few drinks you can get in both a Church lobby and a bar.

It’s hot and warms the mug, which is nice to hold when my hands are cold.

Drinking coffee is most often a social experience.

I rarely drink coffee alone.

Drinking a cup of coffee during a one-on-one meeting also serves as an unofficial timer….the meeting usually ends shortly after the last sip of coffee.  When the coffee’s gone both parties just kind of know that it’s time to move on.

It’s given me a chance to build friendships with the nice people at places like Starbucks, The Blue Mug, and Your Place Coffee.

It’s expanded my vocabulary to include words such as:  “Half caff,” “Venti,” “Dulce,” “Via,” and “Grande”

Drinking it at Starbucks allows me to use the cool Mobile Starbucks app.

There is nothing like a Thermos lid full of hot coffee on a cold morning out in the duck blind.

When I started drinking coffee a couple of years ago, I immediately entered an underground social network I didn’t know existed populated by other coffee drinkers…and they really love their own.

It makes the morning more bearable…and other things too, like meetings, waiting in the auto mechanic’s lobby, waiting in the waiting room at the hospital, and pretty much anything that requires one to have more energy.

It makes my insides warm.

It’s also good iced.

It’s nice to get up early and enjoy coffee with my Mom and siblings when we’re together.

It makes my Thermos smell good.

It smells really good.

And last but not least: Caffeine!  Caffeine is my friend.




3 responses to Why I Love Coffee


    All the reasons I like coffee too… Although sadly I’ve taken myself off it.

    Sheryl Wilson April 5, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Coffee makes me think of family….Bacon and eggs and hot coffee on the stove ,,The wonderful smells from from the wood stove. Shareing storys with my sister praying and eatting cookies ..The many times I stayed up all night drinking coffee with my husband dreaming about furture things….Many long nights praying and sipping on my coffee.


    “I rarely drink coffee alone.”
    I drink coffee alone allll the time. It’s delicious and relaxing. It tastes great with cookies and it’s so great!

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