The Party Program for only $50

March 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

To date, over 150 churches have implemented The Party Program to reach people for Jesus in their community.

The Party Program is a church-wide evangelistic program based on my book Eats with Sinners designed to help your church reach your community for Christ.

(Download a PDF preview of the “Grace” week now. You’ll need to the free Adobe Reader to view this sample.)

I believe in this method of evangelism. This program led to a revival in our church with 52 people getting baptized on the last day of this church-wide program! Our average attendance grew from about 463 during the month before we started the series to an average of 558 during the last month of the campaign. We baptized 82 people during this church-wide event, and we’re still baptizing people!

Our average attendance is now 750 and we’re still growing as we continue to reach people with the principles outlined in Eats with Sinners.

The Party Program Also Includes:

● Links to the audio for all 19 sermons (now available online)
● Full text of 19 sermons
● PowerPoint presentations for 19 sermons
● Small group lessons for 19 weeks (13 included at the end of every chapter of Eats with Sinners and 6 lessons in The Party series)
● Big ideas for each week to help you communicate the message
● Outreach ideas for each week of the program

The Party Program is helping churches reach many people for Christ.

I recently received this email from Brandon Shaffer, Valley View Christian Church, New Mexico.  Brandon’s congregation recently participated in The Party Program.

Brandon Shaffer—Valley View Christian Church, New Mexico– The real reason I’m writing is to let you know that some awesome things happening because of Eats With Sinners. We’re calling it the Jesus Journey. Through five weeks we’ve had four baptisms, all over 13 years old. One of the young ladies heads to prison in a few weeks. One man has decided to start a prison ministry. Our small groups are getting crazy creative. Our Next Generation ministry is doing the big idea for the week each Wednesday and are having record numbers. To top it all off one of our guys who is full of piercings and would be considered goth by most people wrote this on Facebook, “if you’re looking for a church in the East Mountains go to Valley View. They will accept you as you are.”

Because I want to get this program into as many churches as possible, between now and Easter (April 8th) I’m offering The Party Program for only $50.  Anyone who buys the program between now and Easter will get a $49 refund sent to them in the mail.

Download The Party Program


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