The Guilty Leader

December 7, 2011 — 1 Comment

Andy Stanley shared this list in a message entitled, The Guilty Leader.  I think it’s worth sharing here as well.

The guilty leader….

  • Finds it difficult to trust others because he is untrustworthy.  We tend to reflect on others what is true of us.
  • Micromanages because–since he has a secret–he assumes everyone else does too.  He thinks, “I know you’re up to something because I’m up to something.”
  • Believes, “If you really knew me it would impact your willingness to follow me, so I must create an environment where no one finds me out.”
  • Builds walls not community.
  • Doesn’t want people too close.
  • Remains distant and distracted.
  • Overreacts when people share their weaknesses.
  • Likes surface relationships because deep relationship make him insecure.
  • Cultivates a culture of suspicion.
  • Prefers professional courtesy rather than genuine community.

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