Enough With the Kiddie Graduations!

June 3, 2011 — 7 Comments

Back in my day there were only High School & College/University graduations…and we liked them because they were all we had.

Now there are graduations from Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and from “I’m God’s Gift to this World Self-Esteem” classes.

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely silly and only an attempt to sell tiny caps & gowns, photo packages, and ample amounts of overpriced Hallmark merchandise to people who have allowed themselves to indulge a false-sense of accomplishment?

Not every completed task is a great accomplishment.

Graduating from HS or College is a great accomplishment and something of which to be very proud.  These graduates deserve a lot of credit and praise.

Me finishing Kindergarten was no great accomplishment. I pretty much ate, colored, napped, and monkey-barred my way through that year of glorified play-time.  No, I didn’t deserve to “graduate” from Kindergarten, to don a tiny cap and gown, to receive a diploma, or to have my picture taken with the Principal Brown, but my Mom did…not the pic with Principal Brown but the recognition part. 🙂

Mom’s are the one’s who really deserve special treatment when their kids finish Kindergarten. Getting the kids up early, cleaning and dressing them, fixing breakfast, packing lunches, making a scale-model of the White House out of Popsicle sticks, glitter, and paste, carpooling, negotiating the drop-off and pick-up lane, volunteering, field-trips, and countless hours of arguing with your kindergartener because it’s late and they need to go to bed but they don’t want too, so they keep begging for just “5 more minutes” leaving you feeling like Jimmy Carter at a Middle East negotiation except you’re at your house and not at Camp David and every one’s in their pajamas and a DVR’d episode of House is paused on the TV in the corner of the room in anticipation of the kids actually being in bed.

No, I say that–instead of all this kiddie graduation silliness–we just send Mom’s of kindergarteners and all teachers on a cruise to the Bahamas at the end of the school year and let little Sarah and Johnny move on to 1st grade (like we did back in my day) without all the indulgent fanfare and just call it a day.

Try that regalia on for size.

There, I feel better. 🙂









7 responses to Enough With the Kiddie Graduations!


    Couldn’t agree more.

    How do you feel about those pale colored “Participant” ribbons?


      I used to love Field Day and the opportunity to win ribbons that meant something. Of course, not everyone won a ribbon, but….we had a ball and learned important life lessons.
      Too bad the PC agenda has won the day and kids are being deprived of the true joy of winning something that means something.


    Arron, I sense a little bitterness. I will pray that the holy spirit releases you from the grips of jealousy.


    Arron, I cannot agree with you more. http://youtu.be/Rm2oU735lIw


    Reblogged this on My Lord and My Blog: A blog by Arron Chambers and commented:

    I was perusing Facebook and noticing all the pictures of little kids in their “graduation” regalia and decided it was time to share this blog post again. 🙂


    Last week while driving to work I actually heard a dad call into the radio station to say that his daughter had graduated from preschool earlier in the day and requested that the radio station play a “motivational” song for her. Not once, but 3 times, he requested that it be a motivational song. I yelled at the radio, “Your little girl wants to hear “Let It Go” or “Happy”, not some motivational song to stroke your own ego. And how about singing to your little girl that you will be forever married to her mommy!” But then I digress.

    And did you hear about the school back east that cancelled the kindergarten program because the kids needed to focus on “college and career”. Has it gotten out of hand?


      Preach it, brother! BTW…you’re a good writer. I’d love to read some tidbits about sports cars, speed boats, and raising girls (couldn’t think of an “S” word) from you. 🙂

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