Get a Life!

April 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Thinking about the life I have because of the resurrection of Jesus has stirred some thoughts in me this morning.

One of my favorite movies is Brave heart.  Brave heart is the story of a Scottish rebel, William Wallace, who led an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Long shanks who wanted to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself.  After Wallace’s wife is killed he begins a long quest to make Scotland free once and for all.  In one of the closing scenes of the movie Wallace is visited in his cell by the daughter of the king who has grown to like him.  He is going to be executed and she went to his cell to beg him to confess and swear allegiance to the King of England.  Wallace will not compromise.  He will not surrender.  The Princess, knowing there is no hope for Wallace unless he confesses, says, “You will die!  It will be awful!”  To which Wallace replies, “All men die, but not all men truly live.”

That quote leaves me feeling convicted and motivated.  Conviction comes when we ask ourselves, “Am I truly living?”  Motivation comes when we embrace the conviction.

Are we truly living?  We get up, brush our teeth, hug our kids, and go to work-school-or to the couch.  We inhale and exhale shallow, safe breaths.  We pay our bills.  We confront a multitude of stimuli throughout the day, but is this living?

It’s time for us to “Get a life!”

Maybe you’ve only heard this challenge in the context of the critic.  “You think you’ll get that promotion?!?  Get a life!”  “  You think he’s being faithful to you?!?  Get a life!”  “  You’re going back to college?!?  Get a life!”  “  You’re going to start going back to Church?!?  Get a life!”

I want to steal this challenge from the critic and give it to you with a smile on my face and joyful anticipation for you and those around you if you accept my challenge: “Get a life!”

Because of Jesus and His resurrection, each day of life is a gift.  Take it . . . say, “Thanks” . . . and open it!  Look at the corner of the box and try to figure out the treasure waiting out of sight.  Tear it open!  Rip away the stuff of this earth and gaze at the present from Heaven.

See you Sunday! 🙂


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