Preparing for Worship

March 29, 2011 — 2 Comments

This week I spoke at Journey on “worship.”

I presented a list of some of what we can do to prepare for worship.  I’ve adapted the list for the purpose of this blog.

10 Things We Can Do to Prepare for Worship:

1)   Listen to KLove or another contemporary Christian music radio station during the week.

2)   Read ahead.  When you know the passage of Scripture that the preacher will be using, read ahead so you’re more prepared to receive the message.

3)   Write your tithe check on Monday or on payday, so you’re not left frantically searching for the checkbook during the offering meditation and prayer.

4)   Get all of your work done before Sunday.

5)   Get a good nights sleep on Saturday night.

6)   Talk to God throughout the week so Sunday is just a continuation of a running conversation instead of an awkward encounter with someone you have been ignoring all week.

7)   Listen to God throughout the week by reading your Bible, through quiet time with Him, or by listening to sermons online.

8)   Don’t sin much during the week before.

9)   Pray for your worship minister and preacher in the week leading up to Sunday services.

10) Come in to the church building with a smile on your face.  It’s all about attitude.


2 responses to Preparing for Worship


    Good list. Number 8 gave me a chuckle because I was trying to figure out if that mean under 5 sins or under 20. I kid. I know what you mean.

    10 probably shouldn’t be there. I know what you mean. Be grateful. Be joyous. Revel in the love and the salvation that the Lord has given us. However, there are parishioners who wouldn’t quite get it. Those who are going through severe anguish and trials should be allowed their mourning. Someone who’s dealing with clinical depression shouldn’t feel pressured to fake it. “Stained Glass Masquerade” comes to mind.

    This is, of course a list for a blog. I trust that you covered such issues in the actual worship service.


    These are really easy things to do if you think about it. If you go down the list and apply these twards your every day life, I think you will find your evey day life improving.
    Thanks for the list Arron

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