Surf’s Up!

March 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’m on a plane coming home from a speaking engagement in southern California.  My wife came with me so we decided to spend an extra day on Newport Beach.

This morning, we took a walk on the beach and enjoyed watching the surfers.  Watching them surf those large waves reminded me of something I mentioned in my sermon last Sunday.

God is always present but, in my experience, there are times in our spiritual lives–and in ministry–when God shows up in a big way.

There are times when, like a wave, God moves in our midst forcing us to make one of four decisions.

One option is to renounce the wave.  Sometimes, when we encounter a movement of God we proclaim, “There is no wave.  What we’re experiencing is not a movement of God and not really anything we need to do anything about.”  Denial may seem to be the safe option, but it doesn’t end well.

Another option is to try to resist the wave.  As we see the wave coming we brace ourselves and try to fight off the wave only to get clobbered–leaving us with spiritual sand in every crevice of our spiritual being.

When we see a wave of God’s power moving our direction we can also try to run, but this is the action of a delusional person.  Do we really think we can outrun God?

I think the final option is the best option.  I say, when we see a wave of God’s power and opportunity coming our direction, we ride it.  Grab a spiritual board and ride it as far as He wants to take you.


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