Prayer for Pat Williams

February 28, 2011 — 2 Comments

Pat Williams is the Senior Vice President for the Orlando Magic and a fellow Standard Publishing author.  I’ve been blessed to get to know Pat over the past five years and have grown to really respect him.

Please pray for Pat as he’s battling cancer.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on Pat’s situation:

Orlando Magic Senior Vice President Pat Williams conveyed optimism and hope during a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss his recent diagnosis of multiple myeloma, an incurable but treatable blood disease.

“I’ve tried to live a life of faith for years, and in a moment like this, I think you really get to put your faith in action,” Williams said. “We can talk about it and preach about it all we want, but when the crisis of life hits now, it’s either real or it isn’t.

“I think at a moment like this you either pull from God and express anger or you cling. And I am clinging big-time. In fact, I’m sitting right in His lap and seeking His will. I’ve always felt that there was another chapter in my life, maybe a grand finale to all of my years in baseball and basketball and all the years of speaking and writing. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to play out, but perhaps we’re seeing that now, that this is the playing out, that there’s a role that the Lord has for me in this area of cancer research, perhaps.”

You can read more here: Magic’s Pat Williams Optimistic About Mission of Remission of His Cancer

Please pray for Pat.  Thanks.


2 responses to Prayer for Pat Williams


    Arron, I will add him to my prayer list – that is what Jeanette Book’s father died of and my dad was diagnosed with it over a year ago.


    I’ll pray for him and will tell my son Justin as well. Justin loves the Orlando Magic and he will definitely add him to his prayer list.

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