Crystallized Redemption

December 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

Before this morning, we’ve only had an inch and a half of snow this season.  We usually average about 15 inches by this time of December, but it’s been a very dry winter and most of us Coloradans have been eagerly awaiting the next snowfall.

I’m in my office working on church stuff and staring outside my window at a beautiful snow-covered world and reflecting on why I love snow so much.

I think one of the reasons I love snow so much is one of the reasons I love Jesus so much: Redemption.

Snow is redemptive.

Until this morning, Colorado has been mostly cold and brown, but now it’s white and beautiful.

The brown hillside outside of my office window was ugly yesterday, but now it would make a beautiful backdrop for a family picture…assuming you and your family don’t mind freezing in the cold and submitting yourself to the ridicule that will be heaped on you by drivers on Hwy 34 who will question your sanity for posing next to an off-ramp in a snow storm!

Like Jesus, snow redeems whatever it touches.

Ugly brown off-ramp hillsides are transformed to into scenic photographic backdrops when snow shows up.

An ugly off-ramp hillside is redeemed.

Ugly sinful lives are transformed into righteously beautiful new creations when Jesus shows up.

An ugly sinful life is redeemed.

Crystallized Redemption

by Arron Chambers

An ugly mess.

As good as it could ever be here.



Settled and unmotivated.




Pointlessly Cold.


It’s snowing.

Something has changed.

A beautiful sight.

Better than it’s ever been.



Unsettled and motivated.




Purposefully Cold.




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