Lessons from Ironman Training Part 2–“Swallowing Bugs”

November 3, 2010 — 1 Comment

Swallowing Bugs

Another thing I’ve learned as I’ve trained for an Ironman-distance triathlon over the past year is that—if you’re going to be ready for the 112 mile bike ride—you’re going to swallow some bugs.

Over the past year I’ve ridden almost 2,000 miles on roads around Colorado.  About once a ride I swallow a bug and on most long rides I swallow several bugs.

I’ve swallowed about 98 bugs in the past year.  Yum!

When you swallow a bug on a bike ride you have several choices:

1)   You can stop the bike, throw up on the side of the road, vow to never ride bikes outside again, and walk home.

2)   You can try to ride with your mouth closed (and I can hear some of you saying, “Hello! Just keep your mouth closed and you won’t swallow any bugs…you idiot.”) but that’s easier said than done.  Have you ever climbed 3,000 feet to Estes Park and tried to just breathe through your nose?

3)   You can grab your water bottle and wash the bug down.

I’ve chosen to do #3 every time.

I don’t particularly like inhaling bugs, but…hey, it’s better than sitting on my couch inhaling Cheetos!

Bugs are just a part of the price you pay to be able to ride 112 miles on a bike after swimming 2.4 miles and before running 26.2.

Are you willing to swallow a few bugs, if that’s what it takes to reach your goal?



One response to Lessons from Ironman Training Part 2–“Swallowing Bugs”


    This is awesome! And very true. It should be expected that any goal worth reaching will come with a few bugs along the way. Good luck this weekend & praying for strength, stamina and determination!!

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