Give Me Jesus

October 28, 2010 — 2 Comments

In my devotions this morning in the Gospel of John, I was struck by all of the wonderful things that Jesus brought when He came into the world.

I listen to worship music during my devotions because–and I know this sounds strange, but you have to know how my mind works–it helps me to keep my focus on God, His word, and keeps me from being distracted by things in and outside of my office.

Anyway, as I was reflecting on what I read in John, the song “Give me Jesus” came up on Pandora and it prompted my spirit to start writing down some of the things that Jesus has given me.

He’s given me forgiveness.

He’s given me grace.

He’s given me hope.

He’s given me healing.

He’s given me community.

He’s given me purpose.

He’s given me truth.

He’s given me love.

He’s given me peace.

He’s given me joy.

He’s given me power.

He’s given me comfort.

He’s given me compassion.

He’s given me humility.

He’s given me glory.

He’s given me eternity.

He’s given me life.

What would you add to the list? Leave your additions in the comments so we can share in praising Jesus for his good gifts.

This world takes so much from us, but Jesus gives abundantly.

This is why my life’s prayer is “Give me Jesus.”




2 responses to Give Me Jesus


    He’s given me creativity.


    He’s given me strength. He’s given me support. He’s given me comfort (I know you listed that but it’s huge for me). He’s given me stability. He’s given my life meaning. He’s giving me patience. He’s given me hope. This list can go on & on. Thanks for sharing.

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