Why Small Groups?

October 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

Our small group starts in about 25 minutes and I’m sitting here eagerly anticipating our group members’ arrival and thinking about why small groups are such a blessing…and why–if you’re a Christian–you should run out and join one today.

*Getting to really know people.

*Getting really known by other people.

*Getting to know God better.

*Bible study.

*Meaningful conversations.



*Prayer time that moves way past praying for “Aunt Edna’s neighbor’s swollen big toe” type prayer requests.

*Hearing people pray who aren’t paid to pray.

*Homemade snacks.

*Getting weekly ownership of a red plastic cup because your name is written on the side of the cup in black Sharpie ink.


*Never having to recruit people to help you move.

*Never sitting alone at the hospital.

*The occasional rebuke…when needed.

*Knock at the door indicating the group is arriving.

Got to go!  It’s group time.


One response to Why Small Groups?


    Ever consider that the Bible is essentially an Israel Book, and by Israel I do not mean JEWS. Think about this. Israel was/is the 10 Tribes, Read Gen. 48:15-20 what did Jacob do? The Restoration forgot these truths if they ever knew them. Every Restortationist needs to read Judah’s Septre and Joseph’s Birthright. By J.H. Allen You’ll never be the same. I Chron 5:1-2

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