Student Shot and Killed Today @ MACU

October 3, 2010 — 5 Comments

A sophomore student was shot and killed today in a dorm at Mid-Atlantic Christian University this afternoon.

Here’s the story: Student Killed in NC University Shooting

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C.-One student is dead following a shooting at an Elizabeth City university.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon at Mid-Atlantic Christian University, formerly Roanoke Bible College. A university spokesperson told 13News that someone shot and killed a sophomore inside Pearl A. Pressley Hall, a co-ed dormitory.

Shortly before 5:30 p.m. Sunday, police took a person of interest into custody.

About 50 students are currently on campus, and police are holding them in the campus library. The university plans to address the situation to students later.

Mid-Atlantic Christian University, a private Christian university that opened in 1948, is located along the Pasquotank River. About 170 students attend the school.


I’ve been on this campus many times and know many of the staff and students very well.  I know that they were leasing some of their dorms to another school in their community.  Regardless, please pray for the MACU community.  It’s a special place to so many people.


5 responses to Student Shot and Killed Today @ MACU


    please pray for the family of my cousin as they have to get through this tragic and hard time.



    I do know that governor of NC required that all contracts within the state be re-drawn and a local motel under bid MACU and so the college lost the contract to house ESCU student.

    From all recourses I have, which are current students, the shooting was between two MACU students. It was an ongoing conflict, which resulted in this unnecessary tragedy.

    Thank you for making your readers across the country aware of this and inviting them to pray for the college. As an alumni my heart is incredibly broken tonight.



    We are saddened to inform you that one of our students was fatally wounded today by another student. This appears to be a personal matter between the two students. No other details are available at this time. An investigation is in process and the university is cooperating with the police in the investigation.

    MACU is a faith-based institution of higher education that always strives to express love, forgiveness, and the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are shocked and saddened that this incident has occurred on our campus. The student who apparently did the shooting willingly submitted himself to police custody. The safety and security of our students, staff, and faculty are always a priority.

    The university extends their heartfelt sympathy to those involved and their families. We ask that the community reach out to those individuals with their love and support. Local ministers and counselors will be available to the university family during this difficult time.

    All classes will be canceled on Monday, October 4th.


    Is it just me or are we somehow becoming amune to this kind of incident. When did it become easier to hear bad news and not flinch good news and be surprised. Furthermore what will this cost us in the next life?


    thank you

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