Article in Local Paper About My Ironman Race and Kylee’s Kids

October 1, 2010 — Leave a comment

My phone started ringing early this morning as my friends opened the Greeley Tribune and found an article entitled, The Holy Trinity: Greeley pastor prays for strength, endurance in his first Ironman.

The article is about my effort to use my participation in the Silverman Ironman-distance race to raise money for the four children of my friend Kylee Boden, who passed away from a stroke last March 17th.  Kylee was 8 months pregnant when she had a stroke and lost consciousness.  She never regained consciousness.  The doctors delivered her son Caleb by c-section and Kylee died a few hours later.

Kylee’s husband Matt and her four kids are in my heart everyday as I train and are leading me to a more meaningful story for my life. I pray that God will use this story to do something epic for those sweet kids.

You can read the article here: The Greeley Tribune and find out more about Kylee’s Kids here: Kylee’s Kids.


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