Eats with Sinners in Australia

September 23, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’m busy putting the final touches on the Eats With Sinners Seminar my team and I are conducting next Wednesday on the campus of Florida Christian College.

We are expecting over 100 people, but–if you’d still like to come–there are a few more slots.  You can register here: Eats With Sinners Seminar.  It’s only $15 for individuals and $50 for your entire church staff.

In my preparations for the seminar, I’ve come into contact with a minister from City Life Church in Melbourne, Australia.

Tina Waldrom is passionate about evangelism.  She has a blog devoted to it called Evangelism in Australia.  She’s very inspirational.

Recently, Tina delivered a message at City Life Church which was inspired by my book Eats with Sinners.

Her message really blessed me.  You can listen to her message here: Bringing Eternity to Others

I’m so grateful for how God is using my book to reach people for Jesus.  I can’t stop praising God for his amazing power and goodness!


2 responses to Eats with Sinners in Australia


    I just found out that Eats With Sinners is on back-order and they just ordered another printing to catch up with the demand. I’m so happy for everyone who has taken the time to read my book. You are the reason I write.


    Thank you for following Jesus’ example, and encouraging the rest of us to do that too.

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