Worship Service Schedule @ Journey

August 25, 2010 — 1 Comment

Someone on Facebook just asked me: What do your Sunday meetings look like? Do you have more than one service? Do you start with the communion service or with Sunday School? I am trying to find a way to organize our Sunday meetings better.

Currently we have three services on Sundays: 8:15, 9:30, & 11.  On September 12th we’re launching a fourth service on Sunday evenings @ 5 pm.  This service will be exactly like the previous three services.  We also have two services that target specific demographic groups.  On Wednesdays @ 10 am we have a service for adults called Vintage Church and we have a service for young adults on Sunday nights @ 7 pm called the ROCK.

Here’s a typical programming schedule for our Sunday services (although we have been known to change things up a bit).  I’m going to include the songs we did last Sunday so you can get a feel for the style of music we’re currently singing at Journey.

Welcome: Matt Estrin

Everlasting God

Christ is Risen

Message: Arron Chambers

Communion & Prayer--We use communion stations.  We have four stations in the corners of the room.  People are told that they are free to get communion at any time during the next few songs.  They are encouraged to take communion as families, as couples, as groups, etc, and to feel free to use the front of the stage as an altar.  We moved to this extended communion and prayer time so that 1) we could emphasize communion as a time of worship; 2) give people more time to worship through communion; 3) so that we could have more time to pray with and for people.  We will also have Elders and myself available at stations for intercessory prayer during this time.

How He Loves

You Never Let Go

You Hold Me Now

Offering–(Lights are raised) This is when we give joyfully and cheer loudly. 🙂

Take It All

Send Off: Arron Chambers “At Journey Christian Church we want to go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible, so…enjoy the journey, but don’t enjoy it alone!”


One response to Worship Service Schedule @ Journey


    What a great review of our Sunday worship – I just sat here with my laptop and relived last Sunday’s worship – sang the songs and all! What a great Wednesday evening!

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