Hey Florida…EWS is coming to your state!

August 23, 2010 — 2 Comments

My team and I are conducting an Eats with Sinners Seminar on the campus of Florida Christian College (Kissimmee, Florida) on Wednesday, September 29th from 9-1 pm.

Eats With Sinners Seminars are one-day events designed to equip participants to be better evangelists by teaching the primary lessons of my  book Eats With Sinners in a high-energy, dynamic, interactive, and memorable way.

Here’s some feedback I received from attendees of a recent seminar:

“It was very motivational, getting us thinking about how we can energize our church.”

“Arron’s passion for reaching the lost came through loud and clear. The material covering the required ingredients for building relationships was great.”

A hundred percent of those surveyed said that they would recommend this seminar.

The cost is very affordable.

The cost is only $15 for individuals or $50 for Church teams (price includes lunch).  If you register as a church team you may bring as many people as you want to bring from your church.

Space is limited, so register soon to secure your spot at this exciting seminar.

Register here:  The Eats With Sinners Seminar


2 responses to Hey Florida…EWS is coming to your state!



    You may or may not remember me. I used to teach at RBC/MACU and organized the faculty retreat you led there a couple years ago. I am also a friend of Steve Jackson’s.

    One of the courses I teach is English Composition. I’ve ordered your book, EWS, because I’m thinking it may be a good springboard for discussions/essays we write for class. I’d like a few more details concerning the seminar at FCC–topics, times, length, content–so I can decide whether I want my English students to attend.


    Wendy Guthrie


      Wendy–Here’s a general overview of the program:
      9-9:50—1st Course
      What is your definition of evangelism?
      The definition of evangelism we’re going to use for this seminar is: An intentional relationship through which someone is introduced to Jesus Christ.
      Obstacles to Evangelism:
      Lack of Intentionality
      10:00-10:50—2nd Course
      1. Integrity—Jesus’ ministry began with a test of his character. We must begin our ministry there as well. Otherwise we risk hypocrisy.
      2. Accessibility—We must not set up barriers between lost people and salvation.
      What can your church do to remove some of those barriers? Be specific.
      3. Grace—Jesus wasn’t mean to lost people. He was kind.
      4. Faith—Jesus believed that there are no lost causes.
      5. Intimacy
      6. Tolerance—Tolerance is allowing someone or something to be in our presence.
      7. Resolve—What is your face set on?
      11-11:50—3rd Course
      8. Urgency—We are living in the days of God’s patience. It’s later than it ever was.
      9. Mercy—We love revenge, but Jesus doesn’t. We must be better “neighbors” to this world.
      10. Humility—We must take humility wherever we can get it.
      11. Investment—We must be willing to take up our cross. Are fully invested in reaching lost people? Is your church fully invested in reaching lost people?
      12. Joy—What we celebrate says a lot about us. Jesus celebrates when lost people are found.
      13. Vision—When Jesus reached the spot he looked up at Zaccheus. Jesus saw lost people. Do we see the lost people in our community?
      12-1pm—Working Lunch

      As you can see, I spend the majority of the time fleshing out the keys to reaching lost people like Jesus did.
      Let me know if you’d like more info.

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