Good Day

July 19, 2010 — 3 Comments

Yesterday was a really good day.

Before I went to bed I reflected on the events of the day–and past good Sundays–and wrote this:

Good Day

Alarm sounded.

Day begun.

Kids awakened.

Showered, shaved, brushed, pressed, zipped, buckled, polished, and reviewed in mirror one more time.

Kids re-awakened.

Breakfast ingested quickly.

House deserted hurriedly.

Speed limits observed…mostly.

Sermon reviewed.

People gathered.

Lot filled.

Hands shook.

Worship called to order.

Songs sung.

Eyes closed.

Prayers prayed.

Sermon delivered…three times.

Children instructed.

People served.

God served.

Communion shared.

Sacrifice remembered.

Income tithed.

Altar exalted.

Souls delivered.

God glorified.

God blessed.

People blessed.

People dismissed.

Lot emptied.

Building locked.

Lunch eaten.

Lessons of morning processed.

Hunger satisfied.

Soul satisfied.

Home appreciated.

NASCAR race started.

Horizontal positioned on couch assumed.

Race interrupted by nap.

Nap enjoyed.

Good dreams dreamed.

Race announcer excited.

Dream interrupted by race announcer’s excited voice.


Race finished.

Jeff Gordon interviewed in Winner’s Circle.

Couch deserted.

Coffee drunk.

Kids on trampoline observed through kitchen window.

Smile smiled.

God praised.

Family loved.

Life cherished.

Hunger noticed.

Cereal dinner self-served

Post-self-served-dinner game of washers played.

Wife’s victory celebrated.

Dogs walked.

Neighbors greeted.

Sunset over Front Range appreciated.

Wife’s hand held as path is walked contentedly behind happy children and happier leashed dogs.

Walk ended.

Desire for ice cream screamed by all.

Ice cream scooped.

Sorry played.

Daughter’s Sorry victory challenged by brothers.

Resolution reached.

Bedtime announced.

Teeth brushed.

Pajamas donned.

Prayers prayed.

God thanked.

Heads kissed.

Love affirmed.

Lights extinguished.

Cuddle with wife on couch until sleep can be resisted no more.

Good night.

Good life.

Good God.

Good day.


3 responses to Good Day


    Arron you are a lucky man, Rhonda you are a lucky woman ** sounds like a magical day to me!! You GO guys!!!


    what a great recounting of a day of life and blessings!

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