The Pluses and Minus (yes, just one) of Family Time

July 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

In my experience, family time is always a mixed bag.  A great bag, but mixed.

I have a great family and when we get together we always have tons of fun, but there’s also stuff that may not be as fun but that is just the price you pay to be together as a family.  There are always pluses and minuses every time my family gets together.

I’ve been asked by the North American Christian Convention leadership team to write an evaluation of tonight’s (Thursday) program.

First, the pluses of tonight’s program listed in no particular order and without a ton of explanation because it’s been a long day, I’m very tired, I think my contacts are permanently fixed to my eyeballs,and the 5-way chili that I ate at Steak & Shake after the session tonight was probably a mistake.


1. Family time.  I loved experiencing tonight’s program with my kids.  What a great idea.

2. The Rock and the Rabbi rocked!

3.  Listening to my eldest son cheer during the race of “modern Restoration Movement Leaders,” (Dudley Rutherford, Ben Cachiaras, Bob Russell, and Dora the Explorer) “Come on Bob!”

4. Which led to my favorite line of the night: “Dora Wins!”

5. The interview with Ben and Pat Merold was so inspirational and included the following highlights for me:

-One of the keys to a happy marriage: always have fun.

-Ben’s thoughts on retiring: “There’s still plenty to do.”  “The most boring thing in the world is not having anything to do.”  “We just don’t want to quit.” And we don’t want you to, Ben.

-Pat Merold’s advice to minister’s wives: “Be yourself.”  “Find something in the church you have a passion for and do it.”  “Take care of your man and take care of your children.”

-Thoughts on hardship: (Two years ago the Merold’s son died.  They also had a son who was murdered in 1984.)  “We were prepared because we knew the promises of God.”

-Things they view as successes in their life:  Raising foster children.  Teaching young people for over 30 years (Pat).

-Thoughts on Bible study and praying together as a couple:  “We pray and have Bible study separately, but Bible study and praying together doesn’t work for us.  Pat would disagree with me too much.”–Ben

6.  1st ever dance-off competition on the stage of the NACC.  I still think Brian Jobe won!

7.  Enjoying the NACC with my kids.

8.  “Ben Merold is off his rocker.”–Ben Cachiaras.

9.  When discussing a couple who is using this week’s NACC as a honeymoon: “Nothing says romance like the food court of the North American.”–Randy Garriss.

10.  Singing Happy Birthday to Andrew Cachiaras.

11.  “Let’s go up to 60.”–Ben Cachiaras while holding t-shirt gun aimed at the upper deck.

12.  Gladys Frump!

13.  Favorite Gladys Frumpisms:  On not having the NACC…“Imagine no reason to come to a family reunion where you actually like all of your relatives.” “Imagine no reason to lose 25 lbs the week before the convention.”  “Imagine not packing the kids into the car for an 8-hour road trip singing ’99 bottles of b…pop on the wall?’”

14. Songs, “You are the Christ” and “Follow Me” in the Rock and the Rabbi.  Wow!  I had goosebumps.

15. Being with my Church family for Family Time.


–Family time. Experiencing tonight’s 2 1/2 hour program (If you count the time we got to our seats so we could have a reasonably good view of the stage–6:15–we were in the convention center auditorium for over three hours with the 7 kids in our group.) What were you thinking? 🙂

Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but my kids who really do love God, love music, and…apparently also love Bob Russell–unbeknownst to me–were wondering out loud, “When is this going to be over?”  Like the “talent show” part of every family reunion I’ve ever experienced, too many “relatives” were given the chance to share their talent on stage.  There was talent, just too much of it for one evening.  I just felt that–even though the stuff was all good–there was too much crammed into the evening. And I only say this because it was a Family Night and there were little kids throughout the room and the ones in my section were restless, vocally bored at points, and three in the rows immediately behind me were crying…literally for a way out of the room.

Just a little too much of a good thing, but–that being said–tonight was a very good thing.

Now, I’m off to the bathroom to try to pry my contacts off of my eyeballs without removing my corneas in the process.

Good night.

Yes it was.


2 responses to The Pluses and Minus (yes, just one) of Family Time


    Definitely agree w you on the length. It was way too much, and a little over the top. Can’t go w you on the corny humor – I know it appeals to the 50 crowd, and maybe the below 10 crowd, but it is any surprise the convention lacks 20-30 somethings like myself? I’d be embarrassed to bring friends to something like this.


      They did a good job of offering something for everyone. My kids loved the Dora race and the Restoration Leader card game. My in-laws loved Gladys Frump and the Merold interview.

      I thought the NACC team did a good job of offering something for everyone…edgy stuff (i.e. dance-off, card game, shirt gun, “pump up the jam”) and “corny” (to use your word) stuff. I just thought it was too much stuff.

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