Will you join the cause?

May 19, 2010 — 1 Comment

My friend Kylee Kingery Boden went to be with her Lord on March 17, 2010.

Kylee was eight months pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital where she died of a stroke following an emergency c-section. The baby — a boy named Caleb — is doing well.

Her husband — and my friend — Matt is left with 4 small children: Seth, Lydia, Sarai and Caleb.

Matt and Kylee worked for New Missions Systems International and lived in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Kylee's Family

Kylee was a 2001 graduate of Florida Christian College in Kissimmee. That’s where my wife and I met Kylee and grew to love her deeply. We cherished Kylee and miss her so much.

Kylee had a zest for life, a passion for the Lord and an enthusiasm that was contagious. She loved people and loved His church. She had a true servant’s heart. Kylee lived her life with an infectious joy and a broken heart. Very rarely did we see her when she was not laughing hysterically or crying on behalf of someone else. Often she was doing both at the same time. She loved God with every ounce of her heart and longed for people to see the love of Christ in her. Her marriage, her children, her ministry, her life are all a screaming testimony of the hope that she carried inside of her. It is that same hope that we are clinging to. Hope that surpasses impossible grief.

In my grief I decided to try to do what I could to help Matt and the kids so I talked with Matt, prayed about it, and — with Matt’s permission — Kylee’s Kids was born.

Kylee’s Kids is a fundraising effort that I’ve established to raise money for a one-time gift to Matt and his kids. On November 7, 2010 I’m fulfilling a personal goal and dream by doing an Ironman Distance race in Las Vegas called the Silverman. I’m doing the race as a fundraiser for Matt and Kylee’s Kids. Between now and race day my goal is to raise $5,000 for Matt and his four kids. I am underwriting this fundraising effort and EVERY SINGLE penny that is collected in this campaign will go directly to Matt and Kylee’s kids. (The Kylee’s Kids’ fund is being administered by an independent auditor: KP Bookkeeping Services)

The fund will be closed at 5pm on the Monday, November 22nd and a check will be sent to Matt and his kids just in time for the holidays. All gifts need to be made on or before 5pm on November 22nd.

If you’d like to join me in this effort by making a donation to Kylee’s Kids click here. If you prefer to pay by check make the checks payable to “Kylee’s Kids” and send to: Kylee’s Kids, 6908 W. 18th St., Greeley, CO. 80634


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    I remember Kylee from Lake Aurora Christian Assembly. She, along with a team from Florida Christian College shared their lives with 100+ middle schoolers during several weeks of summer camp. Our church has been praying for Matt and his family and those prayers will continue.

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