Remembering George Melton

May 15, 2010 — 5 Comments

My family and I were blessed to spend a week with George Melton, his lovely wife Nedra, and some of his family last summer in upstate New York while serving together at a week of camp.

This morning his wife Nedra posted the following statement on her Facebook profile status:

Dear Friends. It is with a broken heart that I’m letting you know -George Melton passed away this morning May 15 at 3:00 AM. He went peacefully with all his family and friends surrounding him. God is good! Nedra

I gleaned the following information from his family’s website:

George Melton was a man with a heart for God, desiring to use his voice to spread the gospel message.  He had been faithful to this calling for more than 50 years.  In high school he began singing in a Gospel Quartet.  He then went to college and sang with an a cappella group called the “Ambassadors” for five years.  In 1961 George joined the “Claiborne Brothers Quartet” in Southern California.  From there he went north to Fresno and joined the ministry of the “Gospelaires”.

In 1968 George formed the “Gospel Lads”.  For five years he traveled and sang with these men and God blessed their ministry.  Part of the original group of the “Gospel Lads” are still singing.  The Lads have been ministering for over thirty years.  People have come to know the Lord, young people have been directed to Christian Bible Colleges, and still others have sought a career in Gospel Music.

God gave George one of the highest tenor voices in Gospel Music today.  He had been offered many positions in the entertainment field, but felt that God called him to minister to Churches across the nation.

While singing with the Claiborne Brothers Quartet, a young lady with a beautiful voice, sang in a trio at several of their concerts.  It wasn’t long before love took over and the two were married.  George & Nedra Melton


George Melton was a great man of God.  We had some great late night conversations last summer and–in those conversations–I grew to love and respect him even more.  He loved his wife, his family, God’s people, and His Lord.

I thank God for George Melton and his family.

I loved to watch him sing.  He sang with such joy and passion.  I always thought it was cool that he would point up when he was singing–especially when he was singing about Heaven.  It was something he was known for.  In a lot of the pictures I have of him, he’s pointing up.

Well this morning George is not singing about Heaven–he’s singing IN Heaven.  And he’s not pointing up to Heaven–he’s pointing around at the wonders of Heaven.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

I can’t wait to get to Heaven so I can hear your beautiful voice again.


5 responses to Remembering George Melton

    Linda CHambers May 16, 2010 at 4:50 am

    I too remember the wonderful time we all had last summer in upstate New York. We sat around the table and remembered all those memories of CBS, pranks and all. We laughed and enjoyed just being together. I was privileged to go to CBS during those years that George sang with the Ambassadors as well as the Gospel Lads. One of our favorite songs that they sang was “Swing Down Sweet Chairiot and let me ride” and “When they ring those Golden Bells for you and Me”. Early Saturday morning, that chairiot swang down and picked up George and those bells are ringing for him and he’s singing with the angel choir now…I will look forward to hearing him again.


    George is a wonderful man to get to know. He had the skills of a business man but it never got in the way of him proclaiming the savor. George and the Melton family would come to Missouri Valley, Ia Gospel sing every June. He was always prepared to sing the best songs that would move the heart to praise of the Heavenly Father. It didn’t matter who was part of the family singers at the time, you knew the music was going to be good. I have had a number of conversations with George over the past few years especially since my Dad passed from this world. It is amazing to think that the gulf that separated them two is no longer there….. I’ll bet George and my dad will be planning a heavenly gospel sing soon! And you know the music is going to be even sweeter than it is now! God bless all the Meltons and George is one of those people that I want to look up when I get there… Forever Family love to all of you! What a great brother in Christ!


    We will always remember our good friend of many years since he went on to sing in other Quartets. George Melton was one of the finest tenors in the Gospel Quartet Music field. May God Richly Bless all the Family.

    Brighton T. Claiborne “Clay”
    Claiborne Brothers Quartet


    George will never be forgotton. I will always remember how he expressed what he sang. He had a voice like no other but he sang from his heart. He is know with our lord. He will be missed but we will see him again.


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    Now to my post. I, too, knew George Melton many years ago. Always sorry to hear of a passing, but when you believe the Bible it is the beginning of the realization of what was hoped for – resurrection. Now I am distressed at all this – he is now in heaven singing stuff. What chapter of the Bible do you find this in? If what you all have written then Paul in I Cor 15 was dead wrong. For he taught that because of Christ’s resurrection we shall be raised from the dead also, if we have obeyed him. I will affirm and ask any of you to prove me wrong, NO ONE has gone to heaven. Why do you try to make death life beyond the grave? Then Satan was right when he told Eve you won’t die. Which way is it? Consider these scriptures. Ecc.9:5-10; Ps. 88:10-12; 115:17 This is a provision of a merciful God for where there is no thought or knowledge there is no time or space. Eliminate time and space and the day of a man’s death becomes for him the day of his resurrection. What a wonderful thought, I think on this often, as the days roll by. There is much more this is enough for now, lets have some discussion, ok. If you’d like to disagree fine, write me I’ll be looking for your thoughts.

    Thanks Robert

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