Follow-Up Information On Our Effort To Feed Students at a Local School

March 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

The Greeley Tribune ran a front page article in Saturday’s paper about the work Journey and Niki Quinby are doing to feed students at a local school.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Niki Quinby refused to believe that everyone was too strapped to help.

To prove how easy it could be, she went to Walmart and bought Pop Tarts, a family size can of soup, two packages of Ramen noodles, a can of vegetables and macaroni and cheese.

The grand total — $4.88.

This is Quinby’s first year teaching at John Evans Middle School. In late November, the school was informed that Dream Team — a program that helps feed families over weekends — would only be able to sponsor six families from John Evans.

Out of 628 students at the school, 82 percent of them qualify for free and reduced lunch, which guarantees them two meals at school each day. However, this does not provide food for the weekend.

Quinby wanted to do something.

In December, she contacted the Weld Food Bank, and in the second week of January, she was able to get 25 families added to the list of six. But there were still too many families going hungry on the weekend.

Then she took her Walmart bag full of food to Journey Christian Church and put it on Arron Chambers’ desk. She asked the pastor for help from the church to ultimately feed 50 families on the weekends.

The church members responded — 70 people signed up to sponsor 50 families at $5 a week.

“Niki just put the school on my radar,” Chambers said.

Quinby and the John Evans staff were overwhelmed when the church made their first delivery last month. At the time, they were storing food in the principal’s office, and the members of Journey completely filled it.

Now, every Thursday, the folks at Journey load up the food and deliver it to John Evans, where it is then kept in a pantry downstairs. The cupboards are so full, bags overflow the counters.

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here: John Evans Teacher On A Mission To Feed Students

We got the following email from Miss Quinby last Friday:

Dear Journey Christian Church,

Yesterday Terry dropped off the food for our kids and said that some of you were curious “How are we are doing?” in regards to the food program you have sponsored here at J. Evans Middle School. So I wanted to pass on a story to you regarding your impact.

Track and Field has just begun here at J. Evans Middle School. It is an incredible turnout.  While last year we struggled to fill events with scarcely 15-20 kids, our 2010 roster of runners/throwers is up to 55 with students still coming out.  Several of them had no idea that track involved running so much. Some claims have been “I have run more here than I ever have in gym”.  And this was just day one of practices. It is quite humorous.

Yesterday one of our runners came up to me and told me she wasn’t going to track today.  I said, “and your reason?”  She said “I don’t know Miss. I just don’t feel good.” Being a pushy Track coach, I told her “No no. That isn’t enough. You can’t just come one day and not the next. Why don’t you feel good.”
“I don’t know Miss. I just, my stomach aches.”
“I don’t know….I just…It hurts like I’m hungry.”
The conversation turned in that moment away from Track to a deeper issue.
“It feels like I haven’t eaten for about four days.”
I asked her “Have you eaten in four days?”
She looked down and changed the subject back to practice.
I told her forget track for a moment.  Do you need some food to go home.  She informed me that she eats at school but…..there was a snow day and “We have been struggling.”  The truth was it felt like four days because it had been four days. We went down to get her a bag and then she went to practice.  She later came up and said “Miss, did you see, I didn’t quit. I ran the whole way.”

Because of your generosity, you made another students load a little lighter.  She ran the whole way without the worry of “what’s for dinner” or better yet “is there going to be dinner”.  This is just one of many stories.  You have enabled us to reach the students in a way we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.  You have quieted the voices of their stomach so they can hear the voices of their teachers and coaches.

So how are you doing? I’d say “AMAZING”!
Thank you for feeding our kids.

Miss Quinby

None of this would have happened with out the love and faith of Miss Quinby.  She’s the hero of this story and I’m so grateful that God is allowing us to partner with her to share the love of Jesus through food.


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