Story on Journey’s Partnership with John Evans Middle School

March 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

The local school district just ran this story on our church’s partnership with a local middle school.

In the U.S. right now, the economy is a collective problem: Solutions must be provided on a case-by-case basis. That’s exactly what Journey Christian Church is doing with J. Evans I.B. Middle School. Like many parts of the community, increasing numbers of J. Evans students are experiencing homelessness and a lack of food. Last year several students were able to receive aid through the Weld Food Bank’s backpack program, which provided enough food for students to take home and eat each weekend. Recent budget cuts, however, reduced that number to only six students receiving help.

J. Evans social studies teacher Niki Quinby saw the need and sprang into action. Not only did she help the Food Bank reinstate the backpack program in January, but she also found a church community willing to lend a hand. Journey Christian Church, which is just west of J. Evans at 2332 W. 27th St., immediately responded with numerous willing givers. Through the end of the school year, 70 families at Journey have committed to sponsor 50 students’ weekend meals. J. Evans teachers, administrators and counselors help sort and package the food as well as connect students in need with the gracious gifts.

Click here to view video of Journey volunteers delivering food and Quinby explaining the value of the program.  You’ll have to scroll down since I can’t figure out how to embed the video from blipTV.


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