A Snapshot of Gratitude

February 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

I was looking through some old sermon files today and I found a detailed list of people I thanked during a sermon back in 1999.  Back when I wrote this I was one year into my first preaching ministry and these people were a crucial part of what we were doing.  I don’t live within 2,000 miles of any of these people.  I haven’t seen or talked to some of them in many years.  A couple of them have already gone on to their reward.

This list intrigues me.  It’s a snapshot of a group of people to whom–still to this day–I’m so very grateful even after more than a decade.  I was in my twenties when I started that ministry and I made many mistakes as I floundered my way through those first years as “the preacher.”  The people on this list were such a blessing to me….so much so that I thanked them personally from the stage for their service to the Lord and His church.

So, as I sit here in my office in Northern Colorado–eleven years away from my first utterance of these words–I’d like to honor these people again because–as I sit here–I’m still so very grateful to each of them.

I know I may get in trouble, but I am going to take a few moments and recognize some people who have been examples of Christ to me and say, “Well done good and faithful servants.”

Mike Wolf worked on my car for 5 hours one day in April.  He came over last week and pressure-washed my driveway.  He’s a servant.  Thanks.

Pam Mello works many hours processing bills and writing checks for this Church.  She’s a servant.  Thanks.

Gary and Kevin Mello work hard every Sunday cleaning up after the worship service.  They are servants thanks.

Ray and Margarita Antrop, Garret and Doris Jean Stiles, Dean and Helen Thornton, Troy and Melissa Clark stay after services and count the offering.  They are servants.  Thanks.

Covey Wise and Rich Rutherford set up and run the sound system each week.  They are servants.  Thanks.

Sandy and Tom Jones have spent countless hours preparing homemade communion for us each week.  They are servants.  Thanks.

Brent Carter spent 2 hours on Friday afternoon helping repair my car.  Maryann did my taxes in the midst of her busiest time of the year.  They are servants.  Thanks.

Gary Dore comes every Sunday morning—his only day off—and sets up the entire worship facility.  Karen Dore spent countless hours last year and over the summer working with our Bible Bowl team.

Twila and Don Sias spend almost every Sunday serving us by helping us with worship.  They are servants.  Thanks!

This Church has so many servants.  People who are Humble.  People who are Unselfish.  People who are like Jesus.

“Well done good and faithful servants.”


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