1st Update from Our Afghanistan Children’s Clothing Drive

February 22, 2010 — 4 Comments

In January the people of Journey Christian Church sent about $7,000 worth of clothing and toys to Afghanistan.  What started as a simple request from one of our members (who is serving in Afghanistan) ended up being a blessing to all involved.

The local paper found out about our effort and wrote a story about it: Greeley Soldier and Church Team Up To Clothe Kids in Afghanistan.

This morning I received our first update from Sgt. Eldridge.  We need to keep his whereabouts confidential.

What a trip!  We headed out to ******* to visit the orphanage and give out a lot of the winter coats that the church sent over.  Seeing the children completely broke my heart….61 children with no parents….but they were incredibly excited to see us there.  You sent over a few boxes of toys, and at first I thought that that was a bad idea, but I tell you what, that made the trip and it made a few children incredibly happy.  One kid, about 2 years old, was sitting on his bed crying and rocking and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to smile and play with us.  So I went and got him a hat, a scarf, a teddy bear, and a little monster truck, and all the other kids said that this was the first time he had smiled in a long time…and he didn’t just smile, he beamed from ear to ear.  He reminded me of my children, able to run and play with no inhibition. He had no memory of the horrible things that have happened in his life.  And there are 60 more stories just like that….these children saw a face of the United States that they have never seen before.  It will open doors in that community that would have never have been able to be opened without your help

When it was time to go, my commander had to order me out of the orphanage….she told me nicely three times that it was time to go and then she finally said, “SGT Eldridge, go get in the truck!”  I didn’t want to go…I could have stayed there for the rest of my deployment.

Josh’s email came with some pictures.  Here’s one of him giving out one of the hats that one of our members purchased.


4 responses to 1st Update from Our Afghanistan Children’s Clothing Drive


    I am an American civilian who is currently seeking volunteer opportunities in Afghanistan orphanages. Is there any way you could put me in touch with the director of that orphanage that you visited?

    I am presently communicating with Ian Pound who volunteered 5 months at the Mehan Orphanage in Kabul and will be returning there in March. I am hoping to be invited to volunteer, but there are no guarantees.

    Any direction you can give me on this would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    I know this comment will not be posted but surely will be moderated therefore read.

    This is such a wonderful idea! Not. Let’s just make sure we allow an entire another generation of sadistic, women hating, irrational, immoral religious zealots and murderers lead as normal a life as possible until such time adulthood is reached so they can begin their reign of terror with a healthy attitude. Great plan!! Idiots.


      I will always choose love over hate, especially when it comes to helping innocent children. What we did had more chance of changing their hearts than hatred or name calling ever will.

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