Just Found Another Great Review for Eats With Sinners

January 22, 2010 — Leave a comment

Brandon Smith just posted this review for my latest book on Amazon.com:

Evangelism “strategies” and “tools” seem to be everywhere.

They have changed over the course of time. Back in the day, you could actually go door-to-door and have a decent conversation with somebody about faith. Then, when that stopped working, we started handing out tracts. Quite a bit less personal, especially if you just left them on your table at the restaurant for your waitress or on the back of the toilet in the stall. With the age of technology, we have created new ways to engage in “electronic evangelism” and creating dialogue through pictures.

None of these are bad things. But, I tend to grow nervous around methods and tools.

If you look at the way Jesus connected with people who needed to hear the good news, it seemed to be much simpler.

He used food.

“But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, `This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.'” (Luke 15:2)

Could sharing the gospel be as easy as eating together? Could we really earn the opportunity to share our faith as we develop a relationship with someone over food? Could the sacred event of a meal be the fertile grounds in which the seeds of faith are planted?

Jesus thought so.

And so does Arron Chambers. His new book is appropriately titled Eats with Sinners. (www.EatsWithSinners.com) In the book, Arron dives deep into the “ingredients” necessary to effectively share your faith. Each chapter covers an ingredient, such as integrity, grace, intimacy, urgency, and vision.

Arron writes practically, but that doesn’t mean what he writes is easy. As I read (and re-read) this book, I found myself very challenged. Arron encourages intentional relationships that are moving towards an opportunity to share the gospel. I don’t have many relationships with non-Christians. And the ones I do have are surely not intentional.

I found Arron’s book to be so valuable that we have adopted, at the Christian Campus House, the theme of evangelism for this spring semester. We plan on looking at each of the ingredients as shared by Arron over the course of the next few months. Our students have a nervous energy about them. Nervous because we are talking about evangelism, and that always gives us the jitters. But energy, because this isn’t the same kind of evangelism most of us have experienced.

I bought each of my student leaders a copy of Eats with Sinners. Our first meeting night, I also asked if there were any other students interested in having their own copy of the book…and I ordered 17 more the next day!

And so…if you haven’t snagged your copy of Eats with Sinners yet, I recommend you do so. We are buying them up and left and right here in northwest Missouri. You best hurry if you want your own copy.


I’m so grateful for good reviews like this one.  Wow!

There continues to be a lot of “buzz” for my book and I’m so excited about that because I believe this book has the potential of introducing countless people too the saving love of Jesus Christ–as people put the principles of the book into practice.

This week I met with the publishing board and contributing editors for Standard Publishing down in Orlando.  It was a great week–as I had the chance to work with and get to know some of the greatest leaders in the Christian Churches.  I also had the privilege of getting to know the President and VP of Standard Publishing.  The conversations I had with these two men challenged and inspired me.  I’m so grateful to be associated with men–and a company–like Standard Publishing.


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