Dealing With Conflict

November 4, 2009 — 1 Comment

I never have to deal with conflict, but I know people who do on a regular basis.  🙂

Here are some practical things we can do to work through conflict productively.

1) Get all the facts: What went wrong…not who is to blame.

2) Stay calm: find solution together….don’t permit emotion to take over reason.

You may feel like smashing a chair over someone’s head–and it may feel good at the time–but that’s not really a productive tool for conflict management.

conflict management for instructors

3) Criticize in private: Listen if you want to be heard.  Disagree without being disagreeable.

4) Commend before and perhaps after you criticize.

5) Keep your criticism constructive.  Criticism is to correct, help, improve, and prevent not to punish.

6) Treat all people with dignity and respect


One response to Dealing With Conflict

    Anthony florence November 6, 2009 at 9:40 am

    HHH is the greatest wrestler of all time, but he’s not good with conflict, and he’s not the King of Kings like he says. Chairs across the back never help. 🙂 Thanks for the practical helps.

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