Importance of Relationships as Tool for Evangelism

October 26, 2009 — 1 Comment

My next book, Eats with Sinners, is set for release on November 20th.  I believe this book has the potential of helping Christians to reach countless people for Christ.

In my book I reintroduce the Church to Christ’s primary method for connecting with people: Eating with them.

Too many people view evangelism as an argument to be won, when it really should be viewed as a relationship to be built.

Two weeks ago I came across these stats that confirm the research I did for my book.

Question: How are most people led to Christ?

2%–Walk-in (to church building)

3-5%–Preacher (they like the preacher)

2-3%–Needs met by church

1%–Home visit


90%–Invited by Friend

Evangelism is more about relationships than most of us seem to understand.

I pray that you’ll pick up a copy of my book at the nearest bookstore next month and learn what you can do to reach your friends for Christ.

Check Out Eats With Sinners Here


One response to Importance of Relationships as Tool for Evangelism



    Really excited about your new book!

    I work in campus ministry and folks are always giving us a hard time about how we hardly ever host an activity or event without food. We keep telling them there is something sacred that happens over a shared meal.

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