Worship is . . .

October 6, 2009 — 12 Comments

Last Sunday we began a series on worship entitled Encounter.

I began my message by pointing out what worship is and what worship is not.

Worship is not . . .


  • Worship is so much more than music.  Music is music.  Music can be used for worship but so can our money, our time, our words, our works, and our lives.

About Us

  • Worship is about God.

A Segment of a Church Service

  • Worship is a lifestyle.

Optional For God

  • Worship is optional for us.  God wants our worship.  God craves our worship.  God commands us to worship, so we must decide if we’re going to invest ourselves in a transformational encounter with God.  It’s our choice.


  • Worship is not manageable.  Worship doesn’t play by our rules, show up on time, or always fit nicely into our programming.

A Spectator Sport

  • Worship is a full-contact experience involving our hearts, minds, bodies, money, time, energy, and a million other parts of our being.

Without Consequence

  • True worship is a transformational encounter with God.

12 responses to Worship is . . .


    Enjoyed the sermon Sunday.

    You say, “Worship is optional for us.”, and “God commands us to worship.” I was puzzled by that statement.

    I agree that worship is optional, and I agree that God is seeking those who worship him, but I don’t think I follow the part that it is commanded. Where in scripture do you find that worship is commanded?


      Jim, I know your question is for Arron so please do not take offense to replying.

      I believe the strongest statement as to being commanded to worship is found in the Old Testament and then spoken in the New Testament by Jesus Christ. Deuteronomy 6:5 and then Matthew 22:37 – “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” When Jesus speaks it, he begins with the command “YOU SHALL” or depending on your translation, “YOU MUST.”
      There are so many ways to “love” God but this verse covers all the cracks and loop holes that some people may search for. I believe that “worship” is covered in this statement, too.

      Another example from Old Testament scripture is found in Exodus chapter 20, verse 5. “You shall not bow to them or WORSHIP them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God……” (This is in reference to worshiping idols in the form of anything). In this passage I believe that God declares His jealousy for our worship of Him.

      I hope all this made sense. I just felt led to answer your question. Sorry Arron if I stepped on your toes.

      God is good……ALL THE TIME!


      Jim–Tim beat me to the punch. 🙂
      Yes, I interpret Dt. 6:5 and Mt. 22:37 as a command to worship God. When he commands us to love God with all of our being, I see that as a command to worship Him.

      I also (and I freely admit this is not as strong or clear) see the 1st and 2nd Commandments (“you shall have no other gods” and “you shall not bow down to them or worship them”) as affirming that “we should only have one god and it’s the one true God” and that “we shall bow down and worship only the one true God.”



    Thank you, Aaron…Worship is declaring how much God is worth in our life. It is also the natural response to God’s graciousness. Therefore the question becomes…Is He worth a penny?, a dollar?, ten dollars?, a hundred?, a thousand? or EVERYTHING! I choose everything!!!


      word. The story of the young rich man, are we willing to give up everthing for the sake of the Lord? I know the Apostle Paul did, in fact he considered everything else rubbish and crap in light of what he gained in Christ.


    i would like to use your sermon on worship. I will post it in our chapel bulletin board.


    I suspect there is too much attention on the nature of the object being worshipped, and consequently not enough on the worshipping itself. If I am right, worshipping can be intensified further. If you are interested, pls see my post at: http://deligentia.wordpress.com/2009/10/24/worship/


    Very interesting thoughts on worship.

    Andrew Logan


    This is so true. Music is not worship. Worship is so much more and means so much more. I agree completely. Good blog.


    Glad to see a Pastor willing to teach the truth concerning worship, especially in an age where truth (even in the church) is becoming more and more relative. At Jason Ministries we too are dedicated to teaching the church concerning it’s purpose — true worship. Come visit our blog site when you have time.

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