J4 Update

September 25, 2009 — 1 Comment

I just heard some exciting news from my sister-in-law.

J4 will be back on the CBS Early Show on Tuesday morning, September 29th.

They will be performing one of their new releases, “Don’t Stop” a remake of the 1977 song by Fleetwood Mac.

Their first songs will be released and will be available for downloading on this date.

The song will be available through iTunes or Amazon.com and a link will be provided on J4Fans.com.

To be part of the “Download Day” experience:

1.  Go to our website and click the link: http://www.J4Fans.com

2.  Start spreading the news to friends and family

3.  Watch the Early Show on Tuesday, September 29th

4.  Request the 2 new releases on Radio Disney

My nieces and nephews are excited about what God is doing in and through their lives.  Please continue to pray for them . . . and download their songs so they’ll be able to continue to shine the light of Jesus through this dynamic medium.


One response to J4 Update


    Arron what is goin on. Tell Ashton happy belated B-day!!! U r such an awsome person!! I am so happy 4 u and family! Agrree w/wat u said bout Tebow! He is a good man! Get back to me!

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