Girls Gone Mild

September 17, 2009 — Leave a comment

I love to read.

I just finished all of the final edits for my next book, so it’s time to relax and catch up on my pile of “books to be read.”

One book from that pile was written by my friend Mark Atteberry and it’s called So Much More Than Sexy. I’ve heard great things about it and I thought it would be a fun read on my flight to Boise this afternoon.

so much more than sexy

In a culture that embraces and cultivates the notions that men only care about one thing and beauty is only skin deep, it’s easy to buy into these lies.

Fortunately, Mark Atteberry is here to set the record straight. Men aren’t just interested in outward appearance. Bring sanity and hope back into your relationships, your dreams—and your closet—with the revelation of what men really want. But it’s more than you thought—more intriguing, more exciting, more attractive . . . and So Much More Than Sexy.

I love it!  It’s written for women, but I think it’s great for men to read as well.

Mark had me with the first line of this book, “All men think about is sex!”

One of my favorite chapters is entitled, “Girls Gone Mild.”  In it he issues a manifesto of sorts: ten reasons why godly beats sexy coming and going.  Let me share his manifesto with you:

1. Godly has a future; sexy doesn’t

2. Godly can be defined and measured; sexy can’t

3. Godly can always grow; sexy eventually slips away

4. Godly is never misunderstood; sexy often is

5. Godly relieves stress; sexy feeds it

6. Godly makes you distinctive; sexy makes you common

7. Godly builds confidence; sexy feeds insecurity

8. Godly propels; sexy limits

9. Godly lowers risk; sexy raises it

10. Godly is sexy to the Godly

You’ll have to buy your own copy and pull it off of your own “books to read” pile to get an explanation of each of these 10 points. 🙂


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