Proactive Behavior vs. Reactive Behavior

September 8, 2009 — 4 Comments

Life is really busy right now for most everybody I know.  I took some time today to evaluate my daily schedule to make sure that I’m making the most of my time each day.  I find myself reacting too much.  I want to be more proactive.  Here’s a brief analysis of the differences between proactive and reactive behavior.  I picked this up at a seminar a couple of years ago.

Proactive Behavior                         Reactive Behavior

Goes the extra mile                       Does the minimum

Exceeds expectations                  Meets expectations

Takes calculated risks                  Risk Adverse

Independent thinker                     Needs to be told

Anticipates problems                   Solves problems

Seeks new solutions                      Relies on status quo

Questions/Challenges                  Assumes

Multi-functioning thinking                Focuses only on “my job”

Goals                                              To-do lists


4 responses to Proactive Behavior vs. Reactive Behavior


    When you look at the “proactive” list, you quickly see that each item requires more time than it’s “reactive” counterpart. We’d like to think that means that the need for reaction is minimized, but I think the reality is more basic. The “proactive” person, in shaping events, doesn’t do every specific thing that he “should.” Rather, he leaves some things “undone” to focus on the fewer things he can excel at relative to those around him.
    Did Jesus handle the money? Did He make passover arrangements? Did He go fetch His own donkey?


    that’s the kick in the pants i needed.


    you are a very knowledgeable person!


    it is proactive to ask a question allot of Jesus things that he said were in response to these such questions and of the direct result of what he considered to be a new way of living your life. Is that not a reaction to the old style and way of living and is not an answer a reaction to a question? Without question his ideas did contravene with society at that time as much as they would clash with a commercial society. Do contented people who are happy with themselves generally comfort spend,eat or drug themselves? .. However I ask how long could such a utopia exist before someone gets bored with ideal living ? My final question is do you think in your opinion such a person as Jesus with his teachings was prepared enough to be corrupt enough to be in a position of power in society as most of what he said was to point out the abuse and misuse of this power that was apparent in those who were in charge???

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